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My sister is pregnant with her second child due in November. I'm looking to get ideas for a big sister gift for my niece who will be 10 in August. We all know a new baby is going to take a lot of time and energy from mom and I don't want my niece to "lose" her baby sibling excitement; so I thought a fun gift would help since mom and baby will be getting a ton of them. We won't know if she's having a boy or girl until just before her due date...any ideas are welcome!

Second time aunt Second time aunt
4 weeks ago

Your niece is getting a baby. What better gift is that!

Second time aunt, that's too broad of a question, I think. Every kid is different. My daughter hated jewelry. Still won't wear any at age 29. Your niece might love it.

It's sweet of you to consider the big sister. Ask her parents for ideas. It might be a gift. It might be a day out with you for shopping and lunch.

How old is the big sister going to be? I just had my second in May and his big sister was only 19 months. From us a book, big sister shirt and stuffed animal made her happy. She got other small gifts from family that were toys or art supplies. An older soon-to- be big sibling would likely prefer something else depending on personality.

Mel, she's going to be 10 years old which is why I'm having a hard time. She already has a big sister shirt, I saw some cute personalized tote bags I was thinking of getting that and filling it with some of her favorite things.

Second time aunt Second time aunt
4 weeks ago

Sorry, I was reading it as the 10th of Augist lol! The challenge of having an infant and toddler! Ten is easier and harder. It is harder to pick a gift but she understands what is going on and is excited. I was 9 when my youngest brother was born and I dont remember getting gifts but I do remember the thrill of being a big sister again!

My son was born almost 6 years after our daughter and so when we brought him home from the hospital (My Mother was at our house that day with her waiting for us to come home)...We came in the house after calling Mom that we were almost home and when we walked in the door...we had her sit down on the couch and placed the new baby in her arms...I then said...This is your new baby brother and Mommy is going to need you so much now to help me take care of him (also had a few gifts from "him" to give her too)..She not only played the role of " His other little Mommy" as each and every day thereafter she had to "make sure I changed his diaper correctly, etc" but to this day (50 years later)..still plays the role of his "Other Mother"...He still goes to her for advice and guidance before he does me and I love it!!!

A camera and some stuff for scrap booking. She can create her own keepsake of her sibling. Being she'll be leaving the house before her sibling, this would be something to always look back on together and smile.

There are 7 years between my kids. The older one loved when people would take her out for the afternoon for lunch or something. It gave her a break from all the baby stuff and made her feel special. Maybe make plans to take her out once a month for the first few months?

Htown Resident Htown Resident
4 weeks ago

Bee, that is a terrific idea! I think that the idea of a big sister gift is wonderful and something that acknowledges the change in her family and that she is now the "grown up" child. I was thinking planned, regular lunches with her favorite aunt (who has a sister obviously and can share what that's like), or if you were to write real letters to each other regularly, or new decorations for her room/bed, etc. Another alternative is some kind of class if possible - art class, music, whatever her interest. It is wonderful of you to think of this for her - what a lucky girl to have a thoughtful aunt!

Bee, as a scrapbooker, I love your idea. It would give her a creative outlet and will definitely be something to look at in years to come. As much as we all save pictures to our phones and computers, there’s nothing like opening a scrapbook with pictures and words that tell your story. What a thoughtful aunt you are.

My kids loved their big brother/sister shirts..

I agree, set her up with a camera to be official photographer of the day.

Roywhite Roywhite
3 weeks ago

I would get something she loves that's not tied directly into the new baby. They still want to be themselves, even if they will love being a big sister. I like keeping their existence not totally tied into the new baby. Maybe a gift that is half to do with the baby and the other into her hobbies or interests. Best of health, happiness, and love to you and your family!

3 weeks ago

I suggest after the baby is born, you volunteer to babysit at least every week or two weeks so mom can take the 10 year old sister out for lunch, an activity, etc. This way she doesn't feel her time with mom is over taken by the baby and will allow mom to get a break from the baby too.

3 weeks ago

You are very thoughtful! I second the idea of spending time with with big sister, time outdoors together so she can talk- walking goes with talking, and so does driving.. I think because eye contact is optional.

Or if safe by then, a pedicure
Or shop for a cool shirt.. anything where she will be the focus. If she's the nurturing kind, maybe to a bookstore to pick out a book for baby and book for her too, or to the craft store for supplies to try a new craft.

hktownie hktownie
3 weeks ago

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions, they're all great. I love the idea of a scrapbook and DogDayAfternoon has the right idea of trying to get her something that let's her keep her identity and not "just the big sister"...even though that's super exciting!

For the record, I'm always willing to babysit, especially babies!! Anyone need a sitter? LOL

Second time aunt Second time aunt
3 weeks ago

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