Google chrome book problems

Purchased one 6 weeks ago.. alll of a sudden it won't connect to the internet.. has anyone else bought one and has this problem? I did the power wash and it still not want to connect

WiFi on?

Sacks cousin
6 days ago

yes - my cell phone connects, my desk top computer connects - just not the chrome book

my chrome book is a lenovo

I have Lenovo internet connection problems all the time, but it's not a Chromebook.

6 days ago

i have never had a chromebook but i fix many laptop computers. i would try plugging the chromebook directly into the modem with the wire (if it has the port). If the internet works after that then there is a good chance that the internal wifi chip has gone bad.

as i said before i never had or used a chromebook but if the internal wifi chip is bad you should be able to use an external wifi dongle, they are very cheap on amazon. i bought 4 of them (2 dif brands) for $7 each and free shipping if the order is at least $25. i used them on an old tower pc and 2 laptops that the wifi chip went bad and they get a better signal than the internal ones.....get 1 with an external antenna (the antenna is optional so u can use it without it). they are very tiny and dont bulge out to far without the antenna attached.

hope this helps you :)

Stuck in PA Stuck in PA
3 days ago

Doesn't :Lenovo have support?

I keep a maintenance contract on mine and they have been pretty good about backing it up. Matter of fact, I just got a fantastic 17-inch gaming machine for a 35-month old display issue on a much smaller 36-month supported laptop because they couldn't find the part. Gave me a free years support on the replacement too which is pretty funny since I couldn't have gotten an extension on my old machine. So I am quite happy with their support, once you find it.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 days ago

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