Incorrect mail

So, several times I have been getting somebody's mail from NJ unemployment and j Dept of Workforce Development. I've made the post office aware of it. My question, is
it okay to post the names on HL in the hope they read it. I think if I could locate them they would be able to get the mix up cleared up with the state as they may need what appears to be unemployment benefits. Thanks

Is the address incorrect and coning to you or is it simply delivered in error a few times? I would not post a name. I would just return to sender with the notation wrong address. If the address on the letter(s) is yours and the NJDOL has it wrong then I would attempt to find that person via an internet search to notify them.

The address is correct, but has my name on it. I spoke to post office and they said they would return. I was hoping if someone reads this they would reach out to me so I could give them their mail and get things cleared up with the state as it appears to be from unemployment. Did not want someone to miss their check if they are counting on it. Thanks for your input.

If you know who the mail belongs to...why not just put it in their mailbox and be done with it?

Jun '20

Bug, I think what Pete is trying to say is the name is incorrect on the mail, but it has Pete’s address. He has no idea who this person is.
Pete, please clarify.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jun '20

3wbdnj, you are correct. Sorry if that was not clear.

Is it a stupid question to ask if you've done a thorough google search for them?

4catmom 4catmom
Jun '20

I have, but not much luck. But then again not very good with computer. Will ask my daughter for some hints.

Peter, could this person have lived at your address before?

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jun '20

3wb, that's what the post office asked. I have been here 20+ years and that was not the name of the former owner. Just hope the people get their unemployment

Pete, I would definitely try a google search with your daughter's help. Someone is looking for their check(s).

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jun '20

Is there a note in the left top corner, under the "State of New Jersey....": "Official business. Penalty for private use, $300. Return service requested"?

Google search proved futile. Returned to post office and made them aware of the situation again so we will see. Not sure what the return address stated as far as return service requested or penalty statement. Thanks for the suggestions.

I would not post their name or any information on here. Anything posted on here is searchable forever on Google and so on, so you could do more damage to the person you're trying to help.

Jun '20

It happens to us all the time. We took the mail to the Hackettstown P.O. and they said,
The United States Post Office delivers to the address on the mail, and NOT to any person / Name affixed to the address / etc. .....Period .....

They then returned it to the sender. They have a special rubber stamp that use on the envelope.

embryodad embryodad
Jun '20

Sounds to me like "Pete" has been in the witness protection program for 20 years and because of age does not remember what his old name was. He did right by giving it back to the post office where it probably will never be seen again. Your secret is safe!

eapos eapos
Jul '20

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