Charitable donations

Does anyone know if any local organization is accepting books, clothing, or household donations, yet?

From Trinity:

We are so happy to see you all again! Please, for the safety of all, read and observe the following rules when planning to shop or donate at Trinity Thrift Shop:


-Donations open at 10 am, Tuesday thru Friday.
-All donations are drive-up. Follow the cones and signs.
-Remain in your vehicle until it is your turn to offload. No walk-ups accepted.
-You will need to offload your donations yourself; our volunteers may not assist. Place them in the correct day's receptacle.
-All items must be bagged, boxed, or binned. No bags larger than a tall kitchen bag, please.
-When the day's receptacle is full, we will CLOSE until the next donation day. Please be considerate of your fellow donors and break up carloads of donations into multiple trips so that everyone can have a chance to donate.
-Donations will close at 1pm if not yet full.

Thank you for your continuing support of Trinity Thrift Shop, and your patience and grace during these complicated days.

Great news. Thank you for posting.

For reals For reals
Jun '20

Salvation army is also accepting donations.

Clothes and shoes can be put in the red donation bins by RDJ's gas station on rt. 46 in great meadows or by the Independence Firehouse in Independence. Also the Flanders firehouse has 2 donation bins that are open.

buckeye fan buckeye fan
Jun '20

Anyone know of anywhere local that is currently taking stuffed animals? They have all been played with but are clean and have been bagged and stored for about a year.

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