What type of bug

What type of bug

Can anyone help? What is this bug? Beetle?

possibly leaf beetle - I use this: https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZiu9z93AObUCckXxSqXtL4xhMl0i77lrxWNGYst5O1fpzTsDO9Cxf-Hqrk563-ytNQy8yRnNy4mq1pHYn1CI135jZwSroqFvCTC7jru2ySyv1wRerFy2vwY65nZh9PGE-3VbT5XChNLOnv-R80GLdF5Tqor7u1YdlCBXg5uLQvqqvJYNjzRczny37MfRR-pJJUTuEhwJkt-Fae-9d8T3qSrtAYZ2_1Ni92bzHl72qFZoUNcKo2w_1C8pGONdM6uqqzHij9sLvfEM4jDJJfFZpkMqACLqhODIvs3dMg6k6cD8_1OQXx_13M1V9BVfOn_1XnSVphkjjD8sgYCFX641-m2HzbuTLsZl-jw&hl=en

4catmom 4catmom
1 week ago


I'm thinking #21 the cedar beetle because I think I see orange on abdomen under the wings in your picture. Could also be #12 the black Caterpillar hunter

Boll weevil
1 week ago

Cedar beetle is very small. I’m going with black caterpillar hunter as well.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
1 week ago

So this bug, my cousin had at her place in Stanhope. She was able to post to a bug group and this is So the insect is a broad neck root borer.

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