Drive-in movies

Been thinking about going to a drive in movie, it's been killing me that I haven't been to the theaters in months. Anyone have any good resources for finding them? I heard about some pop-up theaters opening up but not sure if there are any nearby.

I know about the Warwick NY theater which does take advance ticket purchases:

And Beckys in Walnutport PA which doesn't take advance ticket purchases:

Boxcar is doing popups but it looks like just Metuchen right now: article with more, mostly down south/down the shore:

Any local businesses doing anything?

Mendham Township started Friday, May 30th. I don't know if you have to live in the Township or not. I read it was $30 per car. The person in charge is:

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
1 week ago

Bear in mind that essentially no new movies are being released, so places like Becky's (and Shankweiler's in Orefield, PA) are showing old movies like Jaws and Jurassic Park. I might stop and watch one of those if I came across it channel-surfing, but I'm not driving an hour or more for it (-;

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

Watched Titanic on CBS on a recent Sunday night ... gave me a sinking feeling.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
1 week ago

It’s the social aspect of outside interaction Iman. Like, you, the kids and you, and then you, the kids. And the dining, you know, food from home, eaten elsewhere. Ah, the memories.

Depends how big the screen is although I just project youtube on a 20 foot wall to get that live concert feeling.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

To me, the drive in was never about the particular movie being shown. I grew up not far from the Warwick drive-in and out of the 25 times I’ve seen there, I think I watched less than 50% of all the movies i paid for. If I want an immersive movie experience, I’ll stay home and crank up the theater system.

1 week ago

Funny you say that- I also grew up fairly close to the Warwick drive in.

I went there 3 times for the Forrest Gump movie.

Then years later, on dvd or tv, I watched the Forrest Gump movie :)

I saw something earlier today that Mount Olive is doing It I believe at Turkey Brook park

Yep Ian. Back in the day you saw new releases. This was really even before my time as a teenager we always preferred the big screen for the better experience; this was before good home TV home theater systems. Drive-in restaurants are another thing and should do well.

"His name was always buddy (got got do ah aah aah)
And he'd shrug and ask to stay
She'd sigh like twig the wonder kid (got got do ah)
And turn her face away
She's uncertain if she likes him (got got do ah aah aah)
But she knows she really loves him
It's a crash course for the ravers (got got do ah)
It's a drive-in Saturday"

thank you David Bowie :>)

My first drive-in was around 1970, a horror-palooza arriving in the trunk of a Chevy Nova, yes-with the 327, and following the obligatory "we're not letting you out," getting out to a round of applause and then watching the likes of Vincent, Boris, and Bela followed by this new little gem called "Night of the Living Dead." Black and white was never more scary. No way would we be getting in that trunk again...….

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

More info on the Mount Olive drive in that Cherie mentioned. July 10th at Turkey Brook.

In my youth, drive in theatres were always my first choice to see a movie, it was just more fun. No need to further explain.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
1 week ago


Funny thing is, even though they filmed it long after the start of color horror flicks in the 50's, it was purposefully done in Black and White when they filmed it in the Mars, PA area. Definitely worked at the time!

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

If you're willing to take a drive, the Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton, PA, is a really great experience. I believe it's the largest screen on the East Coast. They are strictly repertory and do a lot of themed weekends--this weekend is Zombiefest. They've got a whole summer schedule up on their web site. They usually do the classics--every season starts with the Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. But they've done Jaws, Jurassic Park, Mad Max, Planet of the Apes, Friday the 13th, Aliens, Terminator, etc. etc.

1 week ago

wow it sounds absolutely incredible Popcorn

It is, Hailey! Especially in pre-Covid times, going there was a whole weekend since they let you set up a tent in the back and spend the night. We'd go for the Friday and Saturday night movies, day trip around PA on Saturday, and come back Sunday in the morning. I believe you can still camp there now. I get anxiety already, let alone being around other strangers these days, so I doubt I'll make it out there this summer, let alone camp, but I'm sure if you're safely distant from other folks there and don't mind skipping the snack bar/bathrooms, it's a relatively risk-free endeavor.

7 days ago

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