Anyone know who can help identifying a painting or a print art

Anyone know where I can have someone look at art and tell me if it is a print or painting? I have several items of art that I am trying to figure if they are prints or paintings. I usually can tell because there are no brush strokes. But two I have look like brush strokes although my husband says sometimes they are remade that way.
Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance .

I recommend getting in touch with Brian Kathenes. He is local in Hope. His qualifications as an appraiser are extensive.

Michael Myers at

FYI --- I think much mass produced art comes from China where they have perfected a Henry Ford technique Americans won't lower themselves to. But America will use machines and 3D printers to match them at even lower costs.

So, it can look like a print, be a painting, have a art-worthy look n feel, and be totally cheap.

If you look at it from the side, or run your hand across it, you should be able to see or feel the difference. Most paintings have texture, prints do not. However, some paintings are purposely made without much texture at all. Pretty rare nowadays.

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