Great Meadows Power Outage 6/20/20

Oh no not again! A power outage affecting Great Meadows and Liberty Township NJ.First Energy Company has done its best to push the residents in this area back to the stone age with repeated power outages.When do they catch up on deferred maintenance and supply electricity that is dependable? Another fine power outage caused by a tree falling on a power line.How many times do we have to hear this same lame excuse! I urge citizens affected by this most recent power outage to contact First Energy and complain!

If a tree fell on the line with the storm that came through earlier how is that a deferred maintenance issue? This is a very rural wooded region we live in. If the likely hood of a power outage is higher based on the area and history of outages, then I would think the prudent course of action as a resident is to be prepared with an alternative power source or supplies to manage while experiencing an outage. With the statement of "Oh no not again! " suggests this is a common occurrence. Like the Boy Scouts say- Be Prepared!

They should be trimming trees back

There was a transformer and pole on fire on 46. Maybe that was the power outage, not deterred maintenance?

It happens with almost every storm knocking down the lines 11 miles away or more and won't be corrected until another Hurricane Sandy knocks down more of the antiquated system that was in part last upgraded in 2012 . I talked to the out of state power companies from the south that came to repair the damage and they said they had never seen such an outdated system . Just in the past week it has been out at least 5 times , mostly just on and off , out for 3 hours once , and just tonight on and off once then out for 20 minutes . Five times in one week is not just living in the country , that's living in the friggan' Dark Ages in 2020 !

They are doing a massive trimming/removal program around the area, but there is a lot to go.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
2 weeks ago

Good Ole....Shouda, woulda, coulda...

My brother lives in Liberty Township, and it has been a never ending battle with power outages for the 21 years he has been there.
Wires, and branches and trees....OH MY!..... Follow the dark unlit road.

Best bet to less aggravation, is get a generator installed.

embryodad embryodad
2 weeks ago

97XBAM: I'm pretty sure that most standby/auto-starting generators need to run once per week regardless of how often the power goes out.

Route 46
2 weeks ago

Exactly, at some point accept the reality of grid delivery in rural areas and get a generator, or better yet solar with battery backup if possible.

Greg, So we in the Liberty Township / Great Meadows area are supposed to get used to power outages? Really! Sorry I am not buying into that.First Energy had better step up and take better care of the power grid here.Sloppy repairs and slapdash fixes only make more problems.After the March Northeaster of 2018 out of state power crews worked for days restoring power here.They were shocked to see such outdated and antiquated power line equipment. After the repair work for the storm was done.Power line poles still had repair patches attached to them.First Energy left the poles with transformers hanging off of them. New poles had power lines that were still patched up.They can and will do better. All complaints due to this matter should be sent to the NJ Board Of Public Utilities.

I'm not suggesting to get used to it at all. Clearly it 's a chronic issue with repeated outages for a variety of reasons. Some due to older equipment and some simply because of the wooded region and storms. I have worked with many of the First Energy garages all over the state. I have talked with many linemen and women both for NJ as well as the crews that travel here in time of need. It is well known that some of the infrastructure here in the North East has outlived its usefulness. With all of that said sure a complaint to the BPU may eventually get somewhere who knows. My point is if it keeps happening and you want uninterrupted power, take the appropriate steps and be prepared. Otherwise you are at the mercy of others. I know I am prepared always here in town and we rarely lose power.

It’s not a matter of getting used to it. It’s a matter a dealing with it. Take precautions with the known problems that exist. Things may or may not get with the power situation but at least you know you and your family will be safe. Yes by all means file complaints, but that complaint is not going to keep you cool in the summer or warm in the winter because things will take time to change if at all. In the mean time your covered.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

Are your neighbors experiencing the quick blips as well. I experienced quick blips and my problem was local to my house. After I had the run from house to pole replaced my quick blips went away. I still experienced the extended outages when they happened and that is when I turned to the generator.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

I agree to all plus put on top:
- no resiliency or redundancy features so when that Rt 46 line goes down, Liberty is out for sure, GMdws 50/50
- really poor communication
= on any given outage, the restore time is 3.5 hrs out or so by design
= you can be on and they will tell you the restoration time
= times are routinely bumped out, sometimes multiple times, but you usually get the update 15 minutes before the previous restoration time
= as outages grow, they fall back to "universal restoration time" like "most will be up two days from now." Soon it becomes apparent that "most" will not be up two days from now, and some will get the next "x days from now" update. IOW, they have a plan, they know who's next, but they ain't telling you, you just get the "universal restoration time" for most, but actually it's only for some, the rest will get the next "universal restoration time" for most, again..... And then we play, who's the last man who falls out as "not the most" at the end. Really doesn't matter as life and death until the weather gets cold enough that it IS life and death. I have counted over a dozen resets on these major events with over a dozen groups of "most."
= meanwhile, for communication, they continue to adjust their on-line outage website to tell us less and less information. Over the years, they have gone from being completely transparent about current status to totally oblique and self-serving with their website communication ---- by design. You have to be a JCPL translator to really know what the status is, and how to read their data hieroglyphs.

I say continue to complain to the state BPU and your elected officials every time you get pissed at their current example of greed. Because that's what it is mostly about, profit.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

No it's not just my house that has the power blips going on and off , it's the whole surrounding area .The streetlights start to fade and the neighbor's generator starts up , runs for less than a minute then shuts down . Probably why he has to run it every week instead of once a month to keep the battery charged . Publicly traded (big surprise there) for profit FirstEnergy has quite the racket - sell a service everyone needs , do the absolute minimum amount of maintenance/upgrades , then wait for a huge storm to get federal disaster aid to pay for the new poles , transformers, and labor . I swear 5 years went by after Hurricane Sandy without a single power outage . Just drive west of Hackettstown and look , really look for crooked/leaning telephone poles . It's like a third world country , once you see it you can't unsee it !

Here We go again, the power is out in Great Meadows! Thank you JCP&L !

And yet another outage for no apparent reason. Good old JCP&L.

Ckershaw Ckershaw
1 week ago

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