2020 Thunderstorm Thread

Another chance for t-storms this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.

Calico696 Calico696
June 4th

Re: 2020 Thunderstorm Thread

Crap. "The end of the known world". "Humanz bite"! "I'm safe behind the washer..."

The big boomer is definitely a humanz thing. What exactly do they NOT understand???

Does anyone else feel like the weather people seriously don’t know what they’re doing?
They went from 30% chance of rain, then 80% chance of rain then back down to 10% chance all with a matter of hours.
It’s like they guess and then quickly change it when they know they are wrong.
When I was younger, if they said it was gonna rain, it rained!
Hard to trust and plan anything.

LivingLifeLovingLife LivingLifeLovingLife
3 weeks ago

This one seems to be consistently pretty accurate: https://www.wunderground.com/hourly/us/nj/hackettstown

Agreed 4cat. I really like their app.

Used to be good until they sold to IBM, quality went down.

Oh thank you!!! I will check it out for sure

LivingLifeLovingLife LivingLifeLovingLife
3 weeks ago

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Re: 2020 Thunderstorm Thread
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