Greta Latona - WRNJ

Does anyone know if Great Latona still on WRNJ? Love her on the afternoons but she has not been on for a week with no reason explained for why she is out.

Like her positivity on the air and the way WRNJ operates they let their great talent (see Doc South) go with no explanation which makes me worry if Greta is still on the station.

Jun '20

I heard today she will be back on Monday. Probably on vacation...

Inthegarden Inthegarden
Jun '20

Greta is excellent and, hopefully, she will be back. I agree on Doc South. Many local people remember and miss Doc.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
Jun '20

Greta would be a welcome change to the AM morning drive. As I have said many times, Dave K is a great news guy and was a good to fill the spot until they got a Jimmy Howes replacement, but it seems that he is now the permanent AM person again.

Again, Dave is and was really good at what he does. But, at this point, the jokes are getting a bit worn (squirrel on the thermometer- do we have to hear that crack every day, even the weather guy I think is tired of it) and the rapport with Joyce, while factually correct, has little to no energy in it.

Change up the shifts (or find some energy in the group) and liven the station up a bit, at least in the AM.

Doc South was a true entertainer, the stories, even if they were ones that you had heard before, were always told in an entertaining fashion.

As I always say, WRNJ fills a critical spot in our area. But, they need a little refresh staffing wise, in some areas, or reassignment to shake it up a bit.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Jun '20

Great points @TheRhymeAnimal. I like Dave as well but think he would be great just on a Saturday morning in the time slot Doc South once had. I would like to see Greta in the morning as well. She is always in a good mood, and seems to enjoy what she is doing. I would put Jay Edwards in her spot, as I think he would be a good drive time DJ for the station. Still glad that Russ Long took the long way back to Maine as he did not have a true radio voice and always seemed like he was shouting when on the air.

As much as I like Chuck Reiger, he seems to be always on since he does the voice overs for a lot of commercials on the station and when he is actually on, I have to get used to him being the DJ and not just the voice over person.

Joyce Estey as I have said before has no personality and needs to retire already. I like Dan Wallace doing the news in the afternoon as he and the traffic man Ed Kelaggi have a great rapport with Greta.

Hoping Greta is back on Monday and the station does a horrible job of letting people know if people are out or not and they need to have their DJs update their Twitter pages so we know if they will be out and to interact more with listeners.

Jun '20

This doesnt have so much to do with Greta Latona as WRNJ staff in general, but I didn't want to start another thread, since the ideas above are relevant.

Dan Wallace mentioned his age on the air this AM, when he was chatting with Dave. He was filling in for Joyce this past week. For as young a guy as he is, I am actually now impressed with his improvement the past year even more. He comes across as older than he actually is, and that is to his benefit.

I believe once he graduates the WRNJ Finishing School, he should be able to take his talents to a bigger location- say like NYC, to continue his career. (Of course, not sure that radio stations hire news guys anymore, but Dan seems flexible to do other spots).

Dave- he is holding down the fort. I appreciate him and am glad we have him, but I would prefer he goes back to the weekend shift. Seems like a great guy, and has been every time I have chatted with him, but WRNJ needs to look to the future and break someone in now. How about have Dave co-host with someone for a short time, someone young (and relatively low paid), show them the ropes and then turn it over?

The traffic reports, amidst CoVid are rather monotonous and not much going on, but I understand why they still have them. Could the traffic reporters company (Tom Note the traffic guy) set him up with an ISDN line or something a bit better so we dont have the 1980 sounding traffic report via a POTS line anymore.

And, the twice a week "interviews" with Donaldson Farms. Why are we calling that an interview? It is a commercial- and honestly has become a bit dull, so yes, I do turn the dial during that segment.

Joyce, well, I think she is someone we will appreciate more when we don't have her. I think she does a good job generally. Katie M would be a good fill in for her down the road, as Katie has some personality that would liven things up.

Their website is decently informative and updated on a regular basis, much better than it used to be.

All these opinions are just opinions, and my personal taste in AM/FM radio. Thank you Norman for your station and keep up the good work!

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Aug '20

They never built a bench ... they discouraged many eager local people who wanted to be a part of the station ... they flat out told me I don't have what it takes to work in radio ... so here they are what they are.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
Aug '20

She went to another radio station that Jimmy Howe’s is on. Pocono 96.7

Penny Dennis Penny Dennis
Aug '20

No she didn't, Penny. That show is recorded. I spoke to her while she was on the air Thursday on WRNJ as I was the lucky 3rd caller for a gift certificate give away.

enjoy that complimentary pedicure, Greg (-;

ianimal ianimal
Aug '20

I just heard on air that Mike Watterson and his Dog Bites show formerly from WNTI is coming to WRNJ on Saturday night's 7-10, beginning this weekend.

I always enjoy his show very much

Very special voice I do believe they should give her the main spot during the day Dave is too corny sounds like a high school show

Anthony Azzarelli Anthony Azzarelli
Mar '23

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