has anyone used this general contractor and what was your experience?

has anyone used this general contractor and what was your experience?

I am trying to find out if anyone in the local area has used this contractor who's ad is in the photo enclosed and what was your experience, thanks for your feed back, its really needed.

concerned concerned
May '20

Yes have used him. Not good. Nice guy but skills were terrible.

Find a specialist. No one can be great at all those things.

Sacks cousin
May '20

General contractor refers to an individual that proports to have a menu of competent tradesmen ( women) on file and is able to synchronize all aspects of a project. I.E. general.
They are only as good as their organizational skills and the contacts (trades) they have under their umbrella.
IMHO- no one has expertise in all areas your contact espouses.
Sounds more like a framer and maybe a sheet rocker.
Electrical goes to an electrician
Plumbing to a plumber.
BTW- spackling is truly an art if done correctly.
And, may I add, I have no expertise in any of the trades (10 thumbs), but have been involved in dozens of construction projects. The good ones are really talented (and diligent).
Best of luck.

Stymie Stymie
May '20

Note- none of it takes a genius, just attention to detail, care in your job, and willing to work to the best of your ability.

Problem is most people, regardless of profession are ok with 'good enough', if they even take the time or pay enough attention to realize a job isn't as could as it could be.

Heck- I have watched several friends and family do things that I wonder WTF- even at their own house.

Sacks cousin

Sorry, but you're incorrect there. I know a few people that are just that good, and better, including my Dad! After his years in the USMC, where he did his own (and others) car repairs, we improved every house we lived in, additions (from pouring the foundation, masonry work, framing, wiring, insulation, sheet rocking, finish carpentry, and painting), enclosing porches and car ports, decks, plumbing installation and repair, rewiring, you name it. He also took down trees (by climbing and cutting sections as he came down, space was tight) without a chain saw. I had a LOT of logs to split that Winter, but I loved it!

He also repaired tube and transistorized TV's and radios. Still does. He's a Mil-Spec Certified soldering instructor Oh yes, and as a Maintenance Engineer for a large hotel chain, he earned his Gold Seal license, earned a t least one welding certificate, repaired all kinds of pumps and kitchen equipment, changed locks and keys, etc. I'm probably leaving more out, but I think you get the picture.

Just as Josh says, for most around the house repairs, you can teach yourself of you haven't before as long as you pay attention to the details and have care in your work. As Norm Abrams (among others) always said, "Measure twice, cut once".


Quality and reliability are the keys. While pricing by the job is important, I'd definitely want a guy that may take a bit longer to do the job, but will show up regularly with the right tools and materials on a consistent basis and make consistent progress on the job. They also make sure they have pride in their work, clean up after themselves and respect your family and property, rather than to make your life a horrendous mess for the time they're there. By that I don't mean regular construction noises, etc. I mean running over shrubbery, tearing up the lawn, that kind of thing. You don't want a guy that says or has the attitude, "Well I can't see it from my house" as a contractor told one of my friends once.

Phil D. Phil D.
May '20

I had a ‘carpenter’ come to my house- literally listened to him say out loud ‘measure twice cut once’ and then proceed to cut a beam, go to install it and realize he cut it 10 inches short.

A beam that cost $1000.

Yea that happened.

Somehow he measured then flipped the numbers in his head he said.

I walked back into the house and cracked a beer. This was 11am, about a month ago.



ROTFLOL at that. Sad to say, you want one that actually practices that and writes it down, if need be. Sorry to hear that happened, but then I take it he was insured, which is another thing to look out for. I guess they were trying to impress you, but oops, failed.

Phil D. Phil D.
Jun '20

Phil- no matter how much life experience and talent your Dad has—STRONGLY recommend licensed tradesmen when it comes to plumbing and electrical.
God forbid there is an electrical fire or pipe burst.
Good luck collecting from your homeowners policy.

Stymie Stymie
Jun '20

I use a general contractor that IS an expert in everything and if anything, too perfect. Often we "restore" rather than renovate which sometimes adds costs just for effect. Funny story is when I was putting in 16 hours a-day and not quite house focused and he was putting in what I thought would be a simple railing. Instead of going to HDespot as getting a pre-fab, we stick built a circa 1865-authenic restoration which while grandfathered, was certainly not to today's code nor human build (I see short people.....) It is a beautiful piece, a work of art, and a focal point on my house, but not sure worth the price/effort. Sure, totally my fault on not getting specifics, but hey, I was busy......and extremely comfortable in his results.

Today, my washer sits a floor above my furnace and no matter what defenses I build around it, one has to know that sooner or later there will be water and some might escape my defenses. So, I wanted to build a "shield" above the furnace for redundancy. To do so, and to get "experts," I would need a trim carpenter (shield), furnace guy or electrician (wires to be moved), and a plumber (hot water base board pipes to be moved). Just orchestrating that would be a nightmare. Oh yeah, I run glycol in the baseboard, so need an expert in dealing with that as we move the pipes. So, a general contractor, albeit top notch expert, is superior to solve that problem.

PS: tested under real conditions and it WORKS!!!

IMO, great general contractors exist and are invaluable.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jun '20

Josh, measure at least 3 times when the cost of failure is high.

Yes, I have used him, but I would say I was the one that was used.
I would not recommend this contractor under any circumstances. Work not done as planned and what was done was not done well.


You DID read all that I wrote, right;-) It's a little late for that (as him not working on any projects). He's now almost 90 and the last two projects were minor details on my house before we sold that and to do a bathroom(s) and kitchen renovation on their house, including fixing the mess of wiring and plumbing that had been in the house that was hidden until he reno'd the baths & kitchen. It was the Model house for the neighborhood and the one the contractor later bought and lived in, so that should tell you about the quality of work we THOUGHT was there, but was NOT.

Putting in new flooring recently, he found just how crooked the walls actually were, SMH. Oh yeah, in my other post I forgot to mention that he did a number of siding jobs as well. As a youngster he apprenticed with a plumber. ALL new electrical work, and plumbing work he did and the stuff we both did, like doing our own sewer line to the grinder pump (including emergency alarm box) when Hopatcong put sewers in our area, as well as when we ran City water to the house was ALL done under permit and was inspected for proper work by the appropriate inspectors before being signed off on. Every addition we did, from Hawaii to PA, NJ & NC is still standing and in great shape.

Oh yes, we also had to correct for a sagging roof in his two car garage in the "Model" house that sagged due to improper design and material usage. Also as I said he IS a multi certified & licensed professional in a number of areas, as well as doing this professionally for a hotel chain for 25+ years well after his 30+ years in the USMC where Maintenance was the MOS he ended up staying in..

Phil D. Phil D.
Jun '20

Phil D- not denigrating his or your expertise one iota.
It’s just that insurance companies are infamous for trying to elude responsibility to ante up.
God forbid there’s an arc or a short....poof
They’re like eels...

Stymie Stymie
Jun '20

Thanks for the feedback

concerned concerned
Jun '20

concerned - you may want to speak with Adam Benninger -Good Faith Design & Construction LLC
He redid much of our kitchen and did an excellent job.......................Yes he uses licensed contractors where needed..............

4catmom 4catmom
Jun '20

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