Clothing drop off

Hey all,

The local clothing drop box is taped off for some reason and I have two giant garbage bags full of baby/toddler clothes. It would kill me to throw them out but the few boxes I know of seemed roped off. Any suggestions? Being very busy these days, I was looking to drop and run rather than donating and having someone look through every item.


May 30th

Consigliere - please PM me. I'll explain.

I just dropped clothes at the AmVets in the Home Depot lot yesterday afternoon. They may still be open

Weebiekins Weebiekins
May 30th

Independence Fire Dept. Bin is open

Thank you Ziggy and weebakins!

May 31st

Go to Independence firehouse and drop off- helps the firemen - or Flanders firehouse and many other firehouses, help your local firehouses.

millennium millennium
June 1st

Consigliere - if you are talking about the bins at Liberty School and Mt. Lake Fire HOuse, the company that is there is financially strapped from the pandemic. We are looking into getting a new company.These bins also benefit the Mt. Lake Co. Thanks

I was talking about independence fire Dept next to pequest cemetery

Ziggy -- I'm aware you were talking about Independnece. So, I mentioned Mt. Lake

Mt. lakes firehouse and the school is a different company than the company at Independence firehouse - I worked for Millennium and unlike other recycling companies the owners have not folded because of the pandemic - they are still paying all the contracts they have out there and accepting the clothing...

millennium millennium
June 2nd

Just a follow up. Thanks ziggy I used the drop off at the Indy fire dept

June 4th

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