House siding

Looking for recommendations for house siding

Townmom Townmom
May '20

JP General Contracting (Long Valley)
732-735-5287. Resided/reroofed our house last year. Very pleased with the work.

Indy5 Indy5
May '20

Magnolia Home Remodeling is phenomenal! Highly recommend.

Al's Roofing and Siding. I highly recommend him. Not that you know me, but he has done a lot of work for us and I have always been happy. PM me and I can tell you what he has helped with

Ditto on Als Roofing & Siding - have done work for our family as well - we've always been very pleased! A really nice family business!

A. Ragamuffin A. Ragamuffin
Jun '20

Meh on using Al's. I've seen enough of his work. I would not recommend them. Their price point is apparently attractive. You get what you pay for though in my opinion.

It's actually not clear f you are looking for suggestions on type of siding or installers of basic vinyl. I like James Hardie products for a better quality siding. Lots of choices and really a fine addition to any quality home. As far as an installer for that or any type of siding material for that matter, I have used and recommend either George Keller and Sons or Creo Construction.

George Keller and Sons

Mariann Mariann
Jun '20

RJW Exteriors Lake Hopatcong. They did my house and a few other friends houses also. They do great work at a reasonable price. They also replaced my roof and windows.

Thomas Early Thomas Early
Jun '20

The siding of my house was damaged as a result of the storm this past summer and apparently I have some asbestos under there that needs remediation. I’m looking for a company that knows how to deal with insurance companies. I’ve contacted a few local companies and no one can provide me with an estimate that my insurance company will accept. It had to be written a specific way, I guess. Any recommendations??

H-Town Mama H-Town Mama
1 week ago

Your insurance company will not pull out the asbestos siding underneath unless it was damaged by a covered cause of loss. Most people just vinyl side over asbestos siding which looks like what you got.

Give John Roff a call or stop in at his office on the corner of Main and Grand Ave. He will write the estimate in the correct format.

DH stopped in to Roffs last week, he wrote down on a business card he would send someone to do an estimate on Thursday 10/22 bw 2-4pm. DH called him at 1pm to confirm and to ask that a call/text happen prior to him coming and was told ok. 445pm no one showed up. No one answered the phone. DH goes in yesterday to ask what happened. Some excuse was given and another appt was made for someone to come at 3pm... well guess what happened?? No one came at 3pm either
So much for trying to support a local business :/
Al’s can’t help me either
Any other suggestions ...??

H-Town Mama H-Town Mama
16 hours ago

Why doesn't the insurance company specify if it is covered and why and then you share that with the contractor to add to the estimate? Maybe get a separate estimate from an asbestos removal company?

Maybe get a separate estimate from an asbestos removal company?

Ohhhhhh Yeaahhhhhhhhhhhh. That's gonna hurt. Real bad.

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
12 hours ago

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