Road-Side Flowers

Does anyone know what the purple and white flowers are growing on some road sides? They are usually in areas that are not mowed. I assume they are a weed but they sure are pretty.

Just Curious Just Curious
May '20

I used to see them all the time growing up as a young child near my grandmother's house. I believe they are called "Dame's Rocket". I hope this helps!

I thought they were called phlox. Who knew?

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
May '20

The tall kind of garden phlox looks like it, but all the flowers are on a single stalk. When you look at the road side flowers you should see the central stalk splits into three and there are flowers on each one. CE nailed it, it's a wild flower called Dame's Rocket. Tall garden phlox won't be out for another two months.

Many thanks!!

Just Curious Just Curious
May '20

thank you for asking this questions, I has wondered this for years!! Thank you to the plant experts on HL!

rleaf rleaf
May '20

They are an invasive species, but I can't say I really care because they are so darn pretty!

eperot eperot
May '20

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