RIP Councilman Heinrichs

This is so sad that I have to post this but just heard on WRNJ that Councilman Bob Heinrichs passed away. He was the only Democrat on the Council, just elected in 2018 and the local Democrat Party will submit three names to the Council to replace him within thirty days.

Not for nothing, but no tribute or information honoring Councilman Heinrichs on the town website. Hopefully they get it together and do something.

May 20th

The mayor did make an announcement this morning as you heard on wrnj. I'm sure there will be a proclamation and or recognition at the next council meeting. I gather something may appear on the website at some point.
I had many long conversations with him after some council meetings as well as when he was campaigning. Very nice man, what a shame.

He was a guy. Unfortunately his health didn’t allow him to do much during his brief term. It will be interesting to see how the Dems come up with 3 names Since they couldn’t find anyone to run this year on the ballot.

And the Mayor posted a nice tribute to him on her official Facebook page.

Bob was a decent fellow and a long time friend. He is missed already. God speed Robert.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
May 20th

RIP. I'm so sorry to hear this, though I never met him. Sympathies to his family, friends, and those who knew him.

May 20th

he was a guy Jim L ?

May 21st

sorry, it got cut out. He was a NICE guy. Met him a few times and he was very nice and did his best to help the town during his brief term. He put in the work which i appreciated.

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