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Looking for recommendations kennel boarding near Hackettstown nj

We lived in HKT for 15 years, 13 of them with a medium sized dog (45Lbs) and took vacations several times a year. We always used Happy Tails and even though our dog disliked strangers to a great degree we never had any issues with them. Prices were reasonable and the dogs are exercised daily. They feed whatever you choose and if you don't want what they have or need special you can bring your own food. We were always very happy with them and on the few occasions we had to change at the last minute or pick late for one reason or another they always accommodated us.

Used Happy Tails twice and were underwhelmed with their facilities...stacked crates and concrete outdoor exercise area. The last time we boarded our dog there he developed kennel cough. I know it’s hit or miss even with vaccines. Last vacation we took our dog to All Paws on Lafayette Street in Hackettstown and we were happy with his care. We plan to use them next month while we’re away.

Fishfry Fishfry
May '20

I have used Aladdin Kennels for the past 30 years. It is a little bit of a drive since it is located by Spruce Run Reservoir. The owner lives on the property of the kennel and her prices are reasonable. The dogs have an indoor and outdoor space for themselves. It is well heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. Recently she started taking credit cards, which makes things more convenient. Aladdin Kennels (908) 735-4661.

May '20

Happy Tails Inn knows my dogs by name! They were even kind enough to find a place for them without notice when I had a family emergency. They are also excellent with my dog's medication.

Try Camp Bow Wow in Rockaway. Open play environment, dogs are separated by size and temperament eat and sleepin private cabins

Hadenough Hadenough
May '20

Try Four Paws Playground!

Jesse132 Jesse132
May '20

We have been taking our dogs to Happy Tails for about 13 years. The have always been great weather it was daycare or for a stay. Owners are great people with knowledge of all animals they board. Only place I would go. And they have 2 large grass fields fenced in for the dogs. Unlike the statement made by fishfry. Will be using them this summer for sure.

Thank you for all the recommendations

Hike Hounds!
11 fenced acres of non stop off leash playing. Indoors they have dog beds and sofas. No stacked crates. No concrete “yards”. We are lucky they are close by!

May '20

Green Dog inn. Highly recommend!

Momof6 Momof6
May '20

Hike Hounds has 11 acres of hiking trails and streams in Hackettstown, and large fields to throw balls and play. The dogs are free to run around and are supervised 24/7. It's a home environment where the owners are always home.The dogs have full access to the yard or the inside all day, and are never crated or put in a run. No concrete anywhere!

artistsnature artistsnature
May '20

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