Missing House Cat

Missing House Cat

PLEASE be on the lookout for a medium-size black cat with small, very thin white patches on her chest, belly, & under the front arms. She has NEVER been outside, so will be EXTREMELY skittish.....please do NOT approach, she will run! She got out around 2p-3p on Saturday 5/16/2020 in the vicinity of W. Baldwin St. / Main St. & we've been looking for her ever since. She is chipped & has on a pink reflective collar, but her tags are on her other collar. If you see her, please contact me at 908/441-2200 & I will come & see if it's our Shadow. Be advised there IS another black cat in our area that looks almost exactly like our lost little girl, but the other is semi-feral & has no collar.

T.K. Ammons T.K. Ammons
May 17th

Hope you find her soon. I'll def. keep an eye out for her.

sandblaster sandblaster
May 18th

Please let us know status this morning. I can try to run out lunch time and ride around.

May 18th

Was this cat found?

Funcats Funcats
June 12th

Kind of far from where she was last but I've seen a tiny black cat with a white patch by her front leg on her chest. It was by building 45 in Mansfield village. Not trying to give false hope as there are a lot of strays that live behind the dumpsters there. Someone has set up shelter and feeds them regularly. Might be worth looking into.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
June 12th

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