Dog poop

Dog poop

Ok Townies here’s the gig... for 9 years I’ve been Maintaining the Pocket Gardens in Main Street. I spend my time, effort and money to give folks the opportunity to admire and enjoy them. I love the smile on people’s faces as they walk by to admire them. However when I walk by and see dog poop left behind it infuriates me!!! Can’t you see these are kept gardens? PICK UP AFTER YOUR ANIMAL !!!then the dog scratches up the mulch and trashed the seedlings planted.. DO ME A FAVOR CURB YOUR DOG AND PICK UP AFTER IT!!!

Larry Mew Larry Mew
1 week ago

People who do this should be shot.

Sacks cousin
1 week ago

Could be worse......could have been a horse.

First, Larry big THANK YOU for your time and effort in tending to the gardens.....they always look so nice.

Second....shame on whoever lets their dog do this and not pick it up.....shame shame on you!

sandblaster sandblaster
1 week ago

People shouldn’t own dogs if they can’t pick up after them. It’s part of the having dog responsibilities they take on when they get a dog. It’s horrible at the Park off Seber road too.
Thank you Larry for keeping Main St looking good. I love being able to see the gorgeous flowers and landscape when I’m stopped at a light in town :)

1 week ago

Disgusting lazy pet owners should be called out. Thank you for adding beauty to the world.

Treetops Treetops
1 week ago

Thank you for the upkeep, Larry. (LOL, not so much for the photo)
Most people appreciate it and love the look it gives. I'm going to think positive and think a stray did it, so that I can keep thinking no one would do that with their pet.
Thanks for being so kind to do this all the time.

1 week ago

My old neighbor used to let his dog run off leash and poop and pee all in peoples flower beds, bushes, etc.. and NEVER pick up his dogs poop! BUT, in his yard he had a sign with poop bags attached to it that said “Pick up after your dog!” It made me so mad to see his dog running through everyone’s gardens and he never cleaned up after his dog but he expected everyone else to clean up after their dogs.

Jesse132 Jesse132
1 week ago

Flicking cigarette butts out the window indiscriminately and not picking up after the family member (dog) two of my “pet” peeves.

Thank you, Larry for the beautiful job you do for all of us to admire with your garden as we pass down Main Street, Hackettstown. I am saddened to hear that you have this problem and it just should not be. Perhaps posting a sign...Pick up after your Pet!!..or tell some of your neighbors to give them culprits the business if they see it happening.

Hi Larry, my family and I have been enjoying your beautiful garden for years and wondering who the gardener might be. Thank you so much for all the love, time and effort you have put into gardening!

Independence Farmer Independence Farmer
1 week ago

Glad for all the work on all of the gardens everywhere on Main St.

Ever need any plants, just let me know.

My girlfriend and l walk our dogs usually twice a day (and diligently clean up after them!) and we have been dismayed at the recent increase during coronavirus of people not picking up their dog’s leavings. Piles all over the place, some left right on sidewalks! Disgusting. Pick up after your pet.

I have three dogs and pick up after them always. I remember politely saying to someone that they should pick up after their dog and was told it is not necessary since it is organic and a natural fertilizer. Whether it is organic or not, I prefer not to step in it or mow over it.


Because a dog's diet is similar to a human diet, their poop is NOT a "natural fertilizer" as cow and horse manure are. I'm sure those people don't spread it on their garden soil at home and are likely to not even have a garden, since they're completely doltish and lazy. What they're saying is just a lazy, inconsiderate person's excuse. Here's a nice link. One of many in fact, that tell why they're wrong:

It's not even completely safe to compost, unless you have an active "hot" pile that can reach a temp. of 165F, as it mentions in this article:

If you feel like, you can educate them, or just pick it up and drop it in their yard, since it's "organic and a natural fertilizer". Of course maybe their car seat needs "fertilized" to help them "grow a brain", lol. Just joking of course, since the fine and charges for that exceeds those of failure to curb their dog(s). It IS tempting though sometimes, and YES, I was always a responsible dog owner who had one of those fire hydrant bag holders zip tied to my dog's leash. That way, he and I never went anywhere without them.

P.S. Last, but certainly NOT least, thanks so much Larry Mew for maintaining the "pocket gardens" around town. They're part of what makes this town special and a place I wanted to move back to. I'm just glad I was finally able to move back!

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

Not picking up your dogs poop is just being lazy and rude. Seriously people, if you don’t pick up your dogs poop then don’t walk your dog in other peoples’ yards. I always bring bags and clean up their poop. I don’t usually walk my dogs because we have 3 acres of woods for them to run in but when I do walk them I clean up after them.

Jesse132 Jesse132
1 week ago

Thank you all for the kind words and advise townies...the issue seems to have been resolved... for now. I WILL CONTINUE to maintain them and allow ALL OF US TO ENJOY THEM. While on the subject... does anyone know if the planters that line Main Street are going to be flowered?i have 2 in the front of my place and I’m chomping at the bit to convert them into planters and not the king sized ashtrays they are becoming...ANY INFO WIULD BE APPRECIATED!!!!

Larry Mew Larry Mew
7 days ago

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