Japanese Maple Tree losing leaves

the leaves are drying up and falling off. Same thing happening to my daughter's 3 trees and I see a neighbors tree is doing the same thing

Noticed that on my trees as well - other than the leaves on the ground they look to be doing good.

7 days ago

Happened to my tree last yr noticed these cocoons hanging from the branches turns out they are called bag worms. U need to pull them off and crush them, lowes sells a spray just for bag worms.

Bagworm Bagworm
7 days ago

There were two times over the last week where there was frost. That might do it.

It’s the frost. Mine lost a bunch of leaves last night. The leaves weren’t looking good since last week. I don’t see any big issues with mine

Sacks cousin
7 days ago

Mine too.

Yes.. frost... just leave it.. it should recover...

7 days ago

Frost damaged mine also. Certain types of ferns were devastated.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
6 days ago

yep, mine too. frost damage

That last frost killed my climbing hydrangea completely as well as one of my beautiful white bleeding hearts. It also fried some of the leaves on my other hydrangea plants as well as ferns. I have never experienced anything like this before.

Re: Japanese Maple Tree losing leaves

Iris - the white bleeding heart you gave me lost the two biggest branches. But then look how it's also come back after that frost.

Re: Japanese Maple Tree losing leaves

Wondering why mine is looking weird. Yellow spots mostly. Is it from the frost also?

That's not frost. Those spots are fungus.

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Re: Japanese Maple Tree losing leaves
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