NJ Unemployment

Is anyone having issues with there unemployment being paid? I have not been paid in 6 weeks. I keep calling but can not get through. I am starting to get worried..What is going on!!

Staying positive Staying positive
1 week ago

There have been daily local news reports on the problem with unemployment in NJ. The infrastructure wasn’t there to support the massive need.
Listen to 101.5 in the afternoons. They discuss it just about every day.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
1 week ago

Unfortunately, they are controlled on large old mainframes that use the old business language form back in the 70's when I went to college. Us science folk learned FORTRAN and BASIC. The business majors learned COBOL then, which is why the State of NJ has also been trying to find people who can "code" ("program", in oldspeak) in COBOL to try to scale up operations in order to handle the larger amount of people now "in the system".

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

A friend of mine applied in mid March, and he got a letter or email 1-2 weeks ago telling him they would be mailing him out a check in mid-May. so by next Saturday you should get it (hopefully), if you applied for it in mid-March.

Hackresident Hackresident
1 week ago

It took awhile but I check in weekly and get a direct deposit .... so no I am not having issues ...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
1 week ago

How do you do that during system crashes?

i filed on may 1st and was told that only $285 a week would be the amount i would get weekly. I usually bring home $700 a week when working. Where did they get that number from? I filed an appeal and kept on certifyng. Last week i was told that the money was deposited onto a debit card i had years ago from unemployment that I no longer have so now I have to find out how i go about getting a new card because even though its a bank of america card, they dont actually run this program, unemployment does. Its like im running in circles. I still dont know if im getting the extra $600 i keep hearing about. So while im grateful that my claim was processed quickly and approved i cant get access to the money which is even more frusterating. I feel bad for those who have waited for weeks and still dont know anything

I cannot even get to the point where I can certify each week!
Very frustrating and worrisome!

Thank God I haven't had any issues. FYI every Thursday during Governor Murphy's briefings he has a representative some New Jersey unemployment to answer any questions on what is going on

Filed a month ago. Received a blue notification with nothing other than preprinted form on it.

Tried to certify- got a message that said unable to process claim, directing me to call the phone #.

Called the phone #- get a recording that says due to call volume my call can't be taken and hangs up on me.

Next week I received another of the blue cards in the mail. No new info on it.

Tried to certify- same unable to process message. Same recording and hang up when I call.

...tried again last week, tried again this week. No idea what is going on, but can't get anyone on the phone! Ugh.

unemployment is calculated at 53% of your gross to a max of 700 +

Unemployment Unemployment
1 week ago

After 2 months I was finally able to start claiming benefits. They called this past week and said my back weeks WILL be paid. My claim was from 3/15/20.
It's just a matter of waiting. Which doesnt help when you have bills to pay.
Good luck!

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
1 week ago

I started getting the $600 federal this weekend and the NJ unemployment Started about 2 weeks ago and my last day was 3/13 ... so it does take awhile ...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
1 week ago

Not that I ever faced this level of busy, but pretty sure that ultimately you will get the money. Not that "ultimately" helps.

However, as a call center marauder, I can say, a phone that allows rapid redial is nice, and then pick what you think might be best times. Opening for example. Start five minute in advance, and just keep banging away. Have email or other multi-tasking task available. If you don't get in, try a few more times during the day.

Hard to say on this one, there's no work day so using that is out. Beginning or end of day probably best, but maybe ------ sunny day at point where everyone is outside? It's a booger for sure.

Many call centers have one or more buffers. First level is too queue, higher level is to tell you to call back, most severe level (as in system breaking down) is disconnect. They may slip others in as well. Sometimes you can bang "0" and opt out, once in a blue moon *T plus some variant of 10, 100, etc. to xfer to important person. Pretty rare nowadays to have this backdoor open. IF you get in queue on this one, probably you can get in, but may take a long, long, time given call time is probably 15 minutes per call or so. Have speakerphone, mute, and power cord if you queue. May take me a day or so, but usually I can get in. However, this has got to be the magilla-gorilla of all bottlenecks.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

Not sure if anyone knows the answer for this. I couldn't find a clear answer online. My friend is a teacher that works at a summer camp every year. The summer camp has been canceled this year. Can she collect unemployment for the wages she will not be receiving due to the cancellation during the weeks she would have been working?

Calico696 Calico696
1 day ago

Calico - I believe losing "prospective employment" doesn't fall under unemployment benefits requirements. If she would be already working at the summer camp and it would be closed while she was employed and she wouldn't be able to continue working - that's when she could open the claim.

Thanks, Lena. I will pass that on.

Calico696 Calico696
21 hours ago

After applying months ago, today was the first day I could wait for my magical 30 minute time slot to certify.

So I did, but it never went to any confirmation page or anything. I just hit submit and that was it. No email arrived either.

Also, the page said I was certifying for something like march 16 week although I was out of work before that....and there was no option to certify for any other or more weeks.

What gives?

I really think they are trying to make it pretty much impossible for people to jump the hurdles correctly in order to not have to pay out- which makes their #'s seem better than reality both for funds and people in the system.

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