Stimulus Question

Somebody I know who earns less than $75,000 and filed Federal tax returns electronically for 2018 and 2019 has not received the stimulus. When he checked the site it said unable to find any record. Has anybody had this experience if you were entitled to a stimulus check? My stimulus was received very quickly. Thank you if you have any information regarding this problem. I think there are others who are encountering this same situation.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
April 22nd

The web site is notorious for not working. The exact spelling of your street address must match what they have, including format and abbreviations. If they haven't finished processing the 2019 return, it will also do that. If you just put in an entry to the "non-filer" web site it will do that. There are lots of reasons people are reporting this is happening.

I’ve heard of situations where the checks were deposited into accounts that had been closed.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
April 22nd

It could also be that they did not receive a refund for the year that the IRS is calculating the stimulus amount. That’s my case, so for 2018 I owed a little with my 2018 return (haven’t filed 2019 yet), therefore there’s no banking deposit information on that return. They can’t deposit into an account that was used for payment. I wanted to update my deposit information on the get my payment website but I keep getting the message that the payment status is not available. I need to get past that page to do the update. Oh well, I guess a paper check will come a few months later. Hopefully.

I tried the first website and it failed, then I was sent this one:
I was able to go in and found they did not have my direct deposit information. This site worked very well and i was able to update the needed information. Sorry you will need to copy and paste into you browser.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
April 22nd

I am appreciative and thank you good HL people for your responses. As of now the site says pending so I guess all will be well. Mr. 4paws, thanks for the site. If I hear of anyone else I know having problems I will send them the site you provided.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
April 22nd

Here’s the quick link to keep checking. I’m in the same boat as your friend! It just says “we have your bank info and it will be deposited when they have the payment.” Very weird. They’ve had my info for years now with my taxes. Both my 2018 and 2019 taxes are done too. It’s all just a waiting game now!

April 23rd

We tried numerous times to find status of our refund too. We filed our income taxes first part of February through our accountant. We had no record of direct deposit with him and always received any refunds via the mail so after checking again...the website says we should be receiving our refund end of this month by mail...Hoping that happens...

We had to add our bank info because no refund this year.
Click the blue 'get my payment' button
Enter some information. Your status will pop up.

It was quick and easy to do.

hktownie hktownie
April 23rd

If you did your taxes through an accounting entity and they obtained your refund for you then a temp checking account was set up until the money was forwarded to you. This account on file with the IRS does not exist. The check if sent was returned to the IRS which will now issue a check sent to the address on file, This happens to people who paid their fee for filing to H&R Block or others out of the refund.

I was reading that the bulk of the payment will be sent out quickly as long as the irs has you direct deposit bank info on file. For old schoolers like me, who do the taxes myself and mail them in, the IRS will have to send you a physical check which they are limited In mailing to 5 million checks a day. Also, when mailing, they are prioritizing people making less money.

So, for people at the top income threshold, who files their taxes by mail, their checks may not arrive until early September. Again, if youR direct deposit info is on file with the IRS, you’ll get the money relatively quickly.

April 24th

if you give the IRS your bank information through the link hktownie posted yesterday you will get in line for direct deposit rather than waiting for physical check to be mailed. Supposedly your direct deposit will hit around 15 business days from when they get your bank information. So if you want to speed up the process its not to late to give them your bank info.

Happy to say we received our check in the mail today. When I went on the web-site mentioned a few days ago they said that ours would be here on the 24th and today is the 24th. We have never done direct deposit before when filing our taxes so this made sense.

Direct deposit is the only way I roll in this day and age. I remember years ago a CPA friend of mine, who was probably 70 at the time, suggested to never give the IRS your account number. I just smiled since the IRS or any other government agency can get anybody's bank account number anytime they want. Our payment was deposited on 4/15.

Calico696 Calico696
April 24th

I haven't received anything yet. I am retired, on social security direct deposit, but the site said my check would be sent on April 24th. I didn't know why they would "send" a check when my bank account is on record for social security. I have filed tax returns for 2018 & 2019, but didn't owe anything or get a refund, so my returns did not have a bank account included on them. Yesterday, when I checked the site, it said it was not available due to "maintenance". Do you think they are doing them alphabetically? Because I am very near the end of the alphabet.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
4 weeks ago

Lonesome Dove...if your returns to the IRS over the years did not have a bank account included on them and you have not changed your address was the situation with us...then more than likely you will get your check in the mail.. if you are eligible for it. I don't know what "maintenance" could mean but keep checking....

Did anyone else receive a check in the mail today?

4 weeks ago

If your on SSI or SSDI they have your bank account and you do not need to do anything. They may choose to send a paper check for whatever but they said if you get 10k and under from social security it was sent out by the 24th. Under 20k the week of May 1st. I to am on disability and it only gives me a few dollars over 10k a year so I'm hopping this is the week. Don't have to much faith in it being on time though.

I got a direct deposit but I was not expecting it.

Sacks cousin
4 weeks ago

How do you know the website previously listed here (get-my-payment) is OK. It asks for information the IRS would already have.

happiest girl
4 weeks ago

if the IRS didnt already have the information they are asking you to confirm, how would they be able to confirm that you are who you claim to be?

That website is the IRS website. It’s It worked for me last Sunday I punched in my mother-in-law‘s information for her bank account so she could get her stimulus. The reason why they didn’t have her information is because the last two years she’s owed money so they did not have a bank account information. I input the information last Sunday, got a receipt. Just went on now and it states it will be deposited on Thursday

Lwinters Lwinters
4 weeks ago

I'm waiting patiently for mine. It says I get one, but I'll just act surprised when it shows up. ;)

4 weeks ago

The site works perfectly for me. I put in my wife's info after I had already gotten my deposit to see where hers was. It gave correct information as to the checking account it went to. That account had been closed so the money was sent back. It now says they are mailing her a check to our address on record on the 28th. This exactly the way it was supposed to happen. My deposit without an issue because they had my account info. Hers was incorrectly sent and now she gets a check.

Do you and your wife file separately? If not, why would you get separate checks? I'm still waiting for ours....I just wondering.

Make_it_stop Make_it_stop
3 weeks ago

My husband and I file jointly but we have two bank accounts (both being in both of our names). However, My SS check each month goes to the one and his to the other bank..just because we always just left it that way and it worked. So...when we got our check...and because we file our taxes was not sent to the bank but to our home address as any refunds at tax time are as well..

For anyone that's checked "Get My Payment" before without success, try it now.

I tried it a half dozen times before, had to make sure my SSN info was recognized on their other tools, and it still just told me my information was not recognized.

Today my mom had be check her info, and it gave a date of Wed that her direct deposit was scheduled. So I rechecked my own, and after such prior frustration it actually came right back with my info. I already knew mine should be a check but it's scheduled for May 1.

My grandmother is on social security; it is directly deposited into her account each month. She didn’t do anything special, we just waited to see if she would get it directly or mailed. She received funds directly into her account yesterday.

For 2018 My wife and I filed separately because I had some back taxes due which I did not want her penalized for. That way she had her own refund and my refund paid the overdue so all was good.This year we filed jointly without an issue.

All I ever get is-

You are eligible for the payment. Once we have your payment date, we will update this page.

Josh i gave them by bank info on 4/15 and kept getting that same message, then finally on sunday it updated to say it would be deposited on 4/30 and sure enough it got deposited this am. they said 15 days from the day you give them your bank info and for me it was 15 days exactly.

I got the same message then on Sunday it said my direct deposit would post on April 30. Sure enough it showed up today!

Jim KIng
3 weeks ago

"We scheduled your payment to be deposited on May 06, 2020 to the bank account below."


After 2 months of zero income, every little bit helps.

I receive a social security check VIA direct deposit. I have not received my stimulus check yet.

Anyone else with this situation?

Bernie have you checked the government web site?

sandblaster sandblaster
1 week ago

Bernie, my MIL has her SS check direct deposited she does not get her tax return direct deposited. She just got her stimulus check in the mail yesterday!

PS she did nothing but sitback and wait for it.
Good luck, it will come, eventually!!!

1 week ago

Is there a second one?

Sister Jane
7 days ago

Not yet, not sure if it's in the new House version, but don't matter, that's DOA in McConnell's Senate and just a debating tool for whatever timetable Mitch is on. There is great pushback about the nation needing anything. A certain crew wants payroll tax cuts which doesn't exactly help those unemployed. Something will happen IMO, but who knows when and in what form.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
7 days ago

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