LOST Men's Wedding Ring

A friend of mine lost her husband's wedding band yesterday, Tuesday April 7th. She shopped at Mansfield Shop Rite and Walmart. If anyone finds it please contact me. He passed away a few months ago. She is heartbroken. It is a good men's ring with etching.

Gardenfish Gardenfish
April 8th


She should carefully check around her house and driveway/parking spot and in any bags she carried. A neighbor was walking her dog at night and later her husband was tracing her route because she'd lost her engagement ring. I loaned him my spotlight and it turned out that they found it right next to her car in the grass next to the driveway.

Phil D. Phil D.
April 8th

Yes! Check under the car seat, in the grass along where the car is parked at home. :(

Typo- It is a GOLD mens ring with etching

Gardenfish Gardenfish
April 8th

Say a prayer to St. Anthony - he is the best and seems to always help find things. May not find it today or tomorrow, but for some reason he always pulls through. Best of luck!

April 9th

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