Distilled water shortage

Why is it so difficult to find distilled water in stores? It’s used in appliances that can be clogged by regular water like humidifiers. It’s not a healthy substitute for drinking water. Perhaps more of it is being diverted to heath care facilities. Any ideas?

Pa: Yes, I've been having difficulty finding distilled water for my mom's humidifier. I did find some last week in Weiss.

I use for my cigar humidor, a gallon lasts me a really long time. Maybe people are buying it mistakenly?

Yes, it is used in healthcare/labs.

While I wouldn't drink it, can't you use dehumidifier water as an alternative? https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/health-technology-you-asked/water-dehumidifier-drinkable

As to what's out --- bread machine mixes, laxatives AND tp -- go figure, it just does not make sense either by demand or supply. Not to mention many items available in stores but not online ---- thought it would be easier/safer to ship from a central location.... Just can't understand why American manufacturing can't get a handle on this yet. Nor why no-one is forecasting the future except to say: "don't worry, be happy, it will be alright...." Time for straight talk please.

Good luck.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
3 days ago

I think distilled water is used in some oxygen machines?

Gardenfish Gardenfish
3 days ago

I know it is used in CPAP machines during sleeping. I agree that it is probably used with oxygen or in any respiratory type machines so a person doesn't dry out.

It’s also used for NetiPots/Neti spray bottles. We were going through a number of gallons when my husband was recovering from nasal surgery. We’re down to the last gallon. I believe you can boil water for 10 minutes to use in place of distilled.

Blackcat Blackcat
3 days ago

Boiling is not a substitute for distilled, in fact it makes the particulate matter in the water denser as you are removing water but not solids when you boil. (Distilled water is made by capturing the steam and leaving behind the solids.) If you have a reverse osmosis or very fine water filter you are better off using that. Using regular water in CPAP or humidifiers will leave calcium residue behind in the tank, you can minimize by not letting it get low. i.e. when you tank gets to 1/2 dump out the remaining water (which is now has a higher level of solids.) and add new fresh water.

You can distill your own if interested, Check out www.Waterwise.com

3 days ago

Shop Rite had some yesterday. But they have a limit of 2.

Jonathan Stone Jonathan Stone
3 days ago

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