Missing Homeless Cats

There have been 3 homeless cats that have been in my neighborhood for about 3 years. This week they are missing. I live in the 300 block of West Plane Street in town. Am wondering if anyone in the area has seen them. Here is their description:

Female long-haired tuxedo with clipped ear
Male short-haired tuxedo cat with clipped ear
Male short-haired solid black, ears NOT clipped

If anyone has seen them, especially the long-haired tuxedo, or knows what happened to them, please let me know. They are very skittish around people. I have never been able to get close to them or trap them. Just very strange that the 3 disappeared this week at the same time.

Thank you!

Oddly, someone posted in Washington that 2 of their TNR cats have disappeared this week.

March 26th

I saw that too, but this morning she posted that the black cat came home.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
March 26th

UPDATE: The all black, male cat showed up last night, so he is OK.

The other 2 cats are still missing. They used to travel from West Plane Street towards Church Street and also towards Center Street.

Hopefully nobody hurt them! 20 years ago I had a neighbor who poisoned my two outside cats, my indoor/ outdoor cat and all the feral ones in the neighborhood. I was in the process of working with a TNR group when he decided to be a giant jerk! There is a special place in Hell for people like that.

Jesse132 Jesse132
March 26th

That's terrible..........I just don't understand what is wrong with people. I am hoping that someone is feeding them.....that the "grass is greener on the other side of the fence". I just want to know that they are OK.

Am hoping that since the one just showed up last night after a several days, that the other 2 will show up soon, too.

The long-haired tuxedo cat had a regular "path/route" that she would travel.........we have had a fox that travels through the neighborhood on and off for well over a year and there never has been an issue. The fox has never gone after any of the cats and they have been in close proximity.

Am hoping that nothing has changed........fingers crossed and praying!

Anita, is by any chance the all black male limping? My friend has a feral all black that comes for food, that is favoring his right front. Just wondering.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
March 26th

Mr. 4paws.....yep, that is probably him. I call him "Jared".

He is an unaltered male and from time to time gets into a "spat" and gets hurt. It always seem to be one of his front paws. He is much better than he was when I saw him last.

He stopped by for a few seconds last night and then went on his way across the street through the neighbor's yard heading towards Center Street. That's the same path that the long haired tuxedo cat goes.....perhaps your friend feeds her? I named her "Fluffy".

Please let me know if your friend has seen "Fluffy" or the other male tuxedo cat; I named him "Sylvester".

Thank you for reaching out.

There has been a been a couple that come and go. One is a smallish fluffy grey and white one.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
March 26th

Update: the short-haired tuxedo cat finally showed up.

But still no sign of the long-haired tuxedo cat. This has always been where she "hung out" even though she travelled around through the other yards. She was here day and night.

Please keep an eye out for her. She may have travelled as far as Warren Street.

Thank you!

Glad the two cats came back! Hopefully fluffy comes home soon!

Jesse132 Jesse132
March 27th

Thank you Jesse. I am going to go out and knock on some doors later today..... I am hoping that someone coaxed her inside and that she is inside resting comfortably.

The two that I was talking about have been up to Valentine Street, so they are traveling quite the distance!

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
March 27th

The short haired tuxedo cat has been out by the middle school the last couple days. He came out from by the big garage on Center St.

Earnhardt Earnhardt
March 27th

Earnhardt, I just sent you an email directly...

Thank you Mr.4paws......male unaltered males tend to travel a distance.......I hate the thought of them crossing Grand Avenue........

Update: I am sorry to say that the long-haired tuxedo cat that has been missing was found a bit ago in my neighbor's backyard deceased. Thank all of you for your support in my attempts to find her. I truly appreciate it. I wish that I had been able to make friends with her or trap. She was just too feral. So sad..

sorry for the sad outcome Anita, hope you find comfort knowing you tried your best to help her.

So sorry she passed away. Do you know what happened to her?

Jesse132 Jesse132
March 28th

Thank you Neezy and Jesse for your kind words. Not sure. She was found in the neighbor's backyard. I am just so grateful that she was found. The people who live next to the neighbor's yard found her. I am so very thankful that came right over to let me know so that we could retrieve her. My heart just aches.....

I’m so sorry Anita. It’s awful to lose the pets we love so much. I’ve been there, it’s heartbreaking to lose our furry friends.

Jesse132 Jesse132
March 29th

So sorry to hear about your little lady crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.
Your Jared, My friend calls him Little Blackie, was over for some 9-lives and Friskies dry earlier tonight. He's still limping a little but not as bad as a few days ago.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
March 29th

Thank you Jesse, again for your kind words. Fluffy was around here for over 3 years. I will miss seeing her around here. She was a pretty little kitty....she used to sit on my railing and look inside my windows to see what was going on inside or come look inside at my full view storm door. But as soon as I went to the door to see if she would come in, she would run.

Thank you Mr 4 paws for your condolences..... I will miss her terribly even though I couldn't get physically close to her.

Glad to hear that Jared/Little Blackie is getting food and getting better. I hope he keeps his "street smarts" crossing Grand Avenue. Maybe he will stay around your area more...he liked Fluffy and since she is gone maybe he won't be around here anymore. Glad he has someone to help him. He is a skittish kitty too. Maybe your friend will have better luck at getting close to him. He has a nice disposition except when another male kitty comes along that he isn't used to...then he gets all worked up. Keep me posted please.

Im so sorry to hear the news that Fluffy passed.

When we lived on Willow Grove st there were three cats that would visit us. Two we were able to gain enough trust that they have become ours, that was around 5 years ago and we still have them. I think they were dumped because it didn't take to much time to gain their trust. The third I am sure was feral, he never let us get more then three feet to him. One day he just stopped coming. We never knew what happened and I still think of him often...…..While Im sad Fluffy is gone, it's better to at least know where she is.

Hugs to you Anita and to her kitty companion Jared/Little Blackie.

littlelu littlelu
March 29th

Thank you Littlelu for your kind words......that's great that you were able to save 2 of the kitties. So glad they are still with you.

It is very hard when these outdoor cats just disappear. At least you were able to provide him with food while he was around. I am very grateful that I was able to find Fluffy. It is just hard.......when I look out my front door for a split second I expect to see her then remember that she is gone.

Thank you again and hold your kitties closely!

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