Daycare closing?

Any word if daycare will be closing?

Htown778 Htown778
2 weeks ago

I’m amazed that i haven’t heard of any closing. Instead I received a letter that they are staying open.

I think tomorrow most are still open. If the state shuts down, different story.

I'm thinking they are factoring essential people that can't stay home such as health care workers and supermarkets if daycare closes.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
1 week ago

Are people still sending their kids if they are not essential employees?

Many daycares in the area are not charging families if they are not brining their kids even if they are open

Yes I am still bringing my child for the time being. They are still charging either way.

I am still sending my child for now as well but I definitely don’t feel comfortable about it. My company instituted a 14 day leave policy but it only applies if your child care facility closes so I sort of wish the daycare would close along with the schools. It’s presenting a tough decision to make if you still have to work.

1 week ago

"The order does not include daycares, Murphy said."

“For the moment, we think the burden on particularly fist responders and health care workers, when you add to that shuttering of every school in the state, we need to be smart about this,” he said. "

Are the local daycares closing??

I have not heard of any daycares closing.

Many daycare centers are not charging families if they decide not to bring their kids.

Most daycares are small businesses and if they don't get income, they close down. If you're working from home and are getting paid but expect your daycare to hold your spot without paying them you're crazy.

As long as schools are closed, I don't think daycare centers will have any problem maintaining full enrollment even if some pre-school-aged kids stop attending for the same time period.

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

My GF works in town at a daycare. They're sending staff home every day for a lack of kids. It's 25% or less of their total enrollment coming in.

If you have kids in daycare, please tell your daycare provider if and when your kid(s) will not come in, so they can keep staff from coming in, rather than send them home.

Talk to your providers. Many have apps to make it really quick and easy to text them.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
1 week ago

Liberty Learning Center and The Pumpkin Patch have both posted on their facebook pages that they are remaining open to support families that need to work. Sunny Days made a post saying to check for an email, so I am not sure of their status.

Sunny Days is closed.

I want to know if they are paying their teachers. If I’m expected to continue paying full tuition those teachers better be getting paid their normal pay!!

My GF is still being paid, but they are on a rotating schedule and sometimes being sent home early. While we aren't 100% sure, it doesn't seem like she'll be paid for time not worked.

As a reminder, by law, NJ now has 5 paid sick days a year, as of last year.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
1 week ago

Well if I’m paying 100% tuition the teachers need to be paid their normal pay. If not, why should we be paying?

One of the daycares mentioned above does not pay their teachers when they send them home. The director would send one or more teachers home if there were not "enough" children in the school. One year I was sent home 3x in 4 weeks without pay due to low attendance. However the parents were still paying full tuition. Idk if it's changed since 2017, but I would be pretty hard pressed to believe it.

Not all daycares are this way though.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
1 week ago

While NJ does have mandatory paid sick leave now, employers do not have to "front load" that time. Meaning they do not have to give you the forty hours of paid time at the beginning of the year, some require you to accrue the time at 1 hour for every 30 hours worked.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
1 week ago

the fewer people paying full tuition, the fewer teachers needed to oversee the corresponding students. if your child is still there full time, why would you think you should pay less than full tuition?

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

Children are staying home but people are still paying full tuition.

the parents of the children staying home are still paying full tuition? that's not been my experience with KinderCare.

but if you're talking about the parents of children who are still attending full time, why shouldn't they pay full tuition?

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

Something else to think about... Teachers sent home are allowed to file for unemployment. The business itself cannot. If they don't have income and they close, good luck finding someone to watch your kids when you return to work. Also, most schools have some sort of policy in place for days notice when removing your child (most likely in the contract you signed). My kids school does. And is it ok for you to be working from home getting paid but not paying tuition? Everyone is struggling right now. You're not paying them so they can simply "pay their teachers". They have other bills that need to be paid in order to stay open.

KinderCare branches will be closed indefinitely as of Monday.

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

Weebiekins Weebiekins
4 days ago

Daycares can remain open after April 1 as long as they certify that they are solely caring for children of essential employees.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
3 days ago

If people are working then it must be essential. If people were out of work they wouldn't be sending their kids. This guy is a moron.

Metsman Metsman
3 days ago

Sadly Metsman, that is not true. As a childcare employee for many years, I have seen people bring their children no matter the circumstance, as long as the school is open. It is sad, but true.

Well, I don't know anyone who can afford to pay for daycare if they are not working. Unless they're rich...

Metsman Metsman
3 days ago

How the hell do you certify that you are only taking care of so called “essential employees “. Big Brother is at it again.

Mel, does it really matter what parents are doing dropping their kids off if they are paying for the service. If their sick, well that’s another story.

kb --- since no one knows about asymptomatic spread, it is possible to be "normal" and spread the disease. As to Big Brother: just sigh.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
3 days ago

On a norm, it doesn't much matter except when parents do try to drop off sick children. Was just responding doing to Metsman calling the governor a moron bc he is officially closing daycares unless they can prove they are only open to first responders. I was stating, though it seems rational to keep kids home in this circumstance unless necessary, it is not always the case. If people were rational, we would not be having trouble finding toilet paper and paper towels lol! So sadly.
As to your other question, I am not sure how they would get certified to prove it.

No SD , I was just saying how would the Daycare know if the parents are considered essential employees. Will the parents need to sign something certifying that.

Most if not all people working in that field or others like grocery stores received a card or some paperwork stating they are an essential employee.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
3 days ago

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