LED Head Lights

I may or may not be the only one, but I hate the new LED HEADLIGHTS ON THE NEW CARS! How were they ever aloud? I get so blinded by them at night. When they are behind me I turn all my mirrors in other direction. The best part if you car, pick-up truck or SUV didn't have People are installing them. How does having these annoying lights save you mone? I know it started ln the homes to help save money. I also think they are ugly Christmas lights. These are my final thoughts.

Outdoor Woman
March 14th

Agreed. I’m also not a fan of the new led streetlights. The orange glow from the old hps lamps may eventually be a thing of the past.

I agree. With all the deer around it stinks being blinded by them. Behind is just as bad.

Sandy Tomlinson Sandy Tomlinson
March 14th

They're awful. Blinding!

htownguy htownguy
March 14th

“How does having these annoying lights save you mone?”

It’s not about saving money, it’s about better light output/color (which can be a bad thing if poorly designed or “upgraded” incorrectly in a housing not meant for LED’s) and less current draw on a car’s 12V system with tons of other electronics/sensors/accessories/radar/heaters/cameras already stressing batteries and alternators to the max...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
March 14th

I personally would like to take the Butt hole who designed them and tie them to a chair, pin their eyes open and have them stare at them for a while. No I do not like them, they are blinding and more so when the car coming at you doesn't dim them! They do need to be banned.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
March 14th

These lights are unsafe and I'm astonished that they are still legal. Yet I'll get pulled over for having my middle brake light out and issued a ticket, even though the two primary brake lights work.

They are also representative of the "me first" society that we live in...'to hell with you, as long as I can see where I'm going, who cares if you are blinded'?

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
March 15th

The LED lights aren’t the problem if they are designed and “aimed” properly from the factory. The problem comes from people upgrading their standard light housings to accept aftermarket LEDs.

Edit: whoops, I didn’t see Marks response which was similar to my thoughts.

March 15th

My headlights turn when I do.....freaky.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
March 15th

Agree with Consigliere and Mark Mc. If anything, my factory LEDs are much LESS impactful to oncoming drivers than the old halogen headlights. For the "low-beams", there is zero light spillage above a certain elevation... completely black at a cutoff point that is considerably lower than the driver's eye height.

I also drive with my lights in "auto" mode which automatically switches to and from high beams relative to ambient light conditions. Now, if the problem is people who are too dumb or inconsiderate not to turn off their high beams... well, don't blame the light bulbs.

ianimal ianimal
March 15th

The worst part is, they're a migraine a trigger. Sometimes, you just can't stay off the road after dark and hope you won't encounter them.

Rachel Ann Rachel Ann
March 15th


I'm not sure what you are talking about.

I can tell the difference between a regular beam and a high beam, whether it's coming from the halogens or the blue spectrum lights. High beams emitting from either of those lights are blinding, but what we are talking about here is the glaring (no pun intended) difference between the lights under normal conditions.

The LED's are blinding REGARDLESS of whether the high beams are on...that's the point. All this talk about whether they are "aimed" properly, or if they are "aftermarket upgrades" is irrelevant when the vast majority of vehicles with these lights are blinding oncoming vehicles.

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
March 15th

It’s annoying when i turn off my high beams and cars flash on their high beams bc they think mine are on

I despise them. They literally blind me!

March 15th

White led light is "made" of yellow and blue spectrum.
Have you noticed that led light is bright but doesn't illuminate well?
Secondly, the direct led light is dangerous to the eyesight - similar to laser, but with lesser intensity. Nobody talks about it, because this fact (and warming) is know only to the specialists, who deal with frequencies (radio and visible light spectrum).
Thirdly, led lights (and HID) are more blinding and "disturbing" during the night hours because of their blue-ish spectrum. The red light is more "soothing" and easy on eyes.
and, hopefully, the last observation: for the past 10 years people use more led monitors (computer, tablets, cell phones) with relatively high brightness, which "dulls" the eyesight and eyes tend to be less sensitive to the dimmer illumination. Staring at the screen is almost as staring at the 25W (or more) bulb. You just burn your retina (over-excite it).
Also, as mentioned above, nasty stupidity and impudence to use hi beams "just because I want to see everything".

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with those claiming that the blinding LEDs are aftermarket lights people have improperly installed. I have several family members and friends whose new cars have the LEDs, and they are hella blinding. I'm quite sure they are more illuminating for the drivers of those vehicles, but surely they must be less safe for driving overall. I can't see *anything at all* when those vehicles are coming toward me or shining in my mirrors.

Give it a few years. Headlight tech is advancing on the high end and will trickle down-

"LED main headlights featuring matrix beam technology. The main headlight with matrix beam strategically deactivates specific segments of the permanent main-beam cone. 84 individually controlled LEDs can be adjusted to the situation by switching or dimming accordingly. Vehicles in front of you or on the opposite side of the road are dimmed, while the areas in between and next to them are still fully illuminated. Segment-specific dimming of highly reflective traffic signs also acts to avoid dazzling the driver."

My headlights automatically dim when another vehicle approaches....high beams otherwise - which sure helps when driving at night

4catmom 4catmom
March 17th

I wish they would automate Harley pipes in this manner. It might give us outdoor cafe and backyard dining enthusiasts a degree of peace.

Usually doesn't matter though, you can hear them even miles away when taking a peaceful walk in the woods.

Loud pipes don't save lives, but they sure as hell annoy.

Doppler effect...

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
March 17th

ianimal, I would agree with you if all the headlights were at the same level on the vehicles and all the roads were flat with no ups and downs. If you have a Jeep or a big SUV/Pickup, your low beams are at or above a person driving a smaller car and are very blinding. I have a mid size car and a Pickup. In the car I get regularly blinded, not so much in the truck. So yes I blame the light bulbs and those who designed them. They need to be banned until such time as technology can prevent them blinding the on coming driver.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
March 18th

It is worse that the new pickup trucks have them as well. I can never tell if the lights are the regular LED or LED with high beams on. It makes it hard for me to see dear on the side of the rd. So I need my high beams on, but turn them off when traffic is coming the other way. At times I do forget to turn them off some flash me and the funny thing is the ones that don't have the LED' s. I guess they think I have them as well. I don't have a new fancy car that can sense when to turn off my high beams. Human error on my part.
I just wish we can keep this time change permanently. At least I have more day light to drive in.

Outdoor Woman
March 19th

I am blinded by these lights too and am astonished how these lights are legal and becoming the norm! Hate them!!

Light pollution from the LED’s and noise pollution from the Harley pipes. Ever notice that the pipes seem most often to be on pick-up’s and clunky little wanna be cars that want to be tough

Frank d Frank d
April 8th

So true Frank....it’s either a turbo-diesel bro-dozer with huge stanced our wheels or a 1998 Honda Civic EX hatchback. All of the drivers are screaming “look at me!”

Eperot Eperot
April 9th

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