Hackettstown Liqour Licenses

How many are in town and who holds them. What class are they?

Charlie Brown's
Laughing Lion both Broad C I would think

old man
Jan '09

Doesn't the Pump House also have a liquor license?

Calico696 Calico696
Jan '09

pumphouse is in Mt Olive

old man
Jan '09

Jigger Pub's went to Applebee's didn't it?

Basabal ben bery gud
Jan '09

Appleebee's yes bought jiggers.

maybe someone will be able to post the entire list of Htown licenses.

old man
Jan '09

Pump House is not in Hackettstown.

The Licenses are:

On premise type (ie restaurants):

Laughing Lion
Leo's Lunch

Retail license:

Shoprite Liquor

Club licenses:

American Legion
Knights of Columbus

[you should go to a town meeting once or twice old man and you can find this kind of thing out]

The pump house is considered Mt. Olive? Hmm, on this side of the old hackettstown diner and other hackettstown stores? Guess the dividing line is the river there?

Jan '09

thor - yes, the exact dividing line for H-town around Pump House is the river. I'm not sure exactly where the dividing line between Mt Olive and Washington Tsp. But Target is Washington Tsp with Mt Olive on either side.

Ah, forgot about the Laughing Lionm and David's... so it would appear that Hackettstown is already over their quota of licenses.

ianimal ianimal
Jan '09

Leo's Luncheonette

Jan '09

I believe the town's population would need to increase to 15,000 to be eligible for another license.

Jan '09

GC... East Avenue and then Drakestown Road are the dividing lines for Mt Olive and Washington Twp travelling east on Route 46, I think...

ianimal ianimal
Jan '09

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