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I am looking to downsize and slides and photos fill much of my storage space. Has anyone had success getting their slides and photos put on disk? I don't really want them out on the cloud, but disks would take up considerably less room. Thank you in advance for advice.

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February 16th

You could also scan them and save to USB sticks for backup too, since that way you can plug them directly into many newer TV's for display, as well as for Chromebook or Netbook type PCs with no disk drive.

easy to put on CDs....DVDs will hold 6 times as much....

Scan Cafe

You can get both pictures and slides converted to files in many places including Wallmart or Walgreens, etc.

But I've gotten mine done at because I had very very old negatives that were stored in the tropics. Some needed fixing from a bit of mold, and others needed a bit of tweaking that they did without needing any instructions.

Bigger batches cost less, you get your choice of hi resolution vs medium resolution, what file format to store and whether you want a CD/DVD or thumb drive.

If you're going to do this yourself...

Invest in a slide scanner that will auto scan AND advance to the next slide/negative. Most will hold at least 5 slides. Easier than advancing manual one by one.

For back up, CDs? DVDs? Go with a blu ray burner.
Here's a good one on Amazon: Pioneer-BDR-XD07B-Blu-Ray-Player-Burner

That burner will burn BDXL discs (50 gigs per disc)
Always had good experience with this brand: Verbatim BD-R 50GB 6X Blu-ray Recordable Media Disc - 25 Pack Spindle - 98356

Personally, I'd buy a 1TB to 4TB usb drive and just back them all up to that and put it in a fireproof safe (or a trusted one's house.)

Since these are now digital, make sure you have your data on at least 3 different locations (with one being offsite if possible.) I have mine on: computer, a NAS drive with 2 mirrored drives, and Amazon photos.

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