Homebrew University

Does anyone know what happened to Homebrew University on Main Street?

I would bet out of business.

With 2 day delivery from amazon of everytging you need to brew at home, I’m thinking they’re out of business. I am honestly surprised it lasted as long as it did. I didn’t think that hobby was large enough to support a brick and mortar location. Now, if anyone replies that they moved to a bigger, swankier location, I take that all back :)

February 15th

Very sorry to hear if that’s true. They were super nice people and we purchased a beer class gift certificate for some family members at Christmas. A little disappointed that we paid and our gift cannot be used.

the phone number is out of service. i have used homebrew a few times. a very nice but small shop.
cask and kettle in boonton has all my brewing needs. i would only use amazon for a kit and if it was at a very low discounted price.
i prefer finding recipes online and usually will tweak a bit. like my peanut butter ipa i bottled a few weeks ago.
cask and kettle will mill the grains and they have nearly everything and good prices.
hopefully Warren is well and will be back in business one way or another. a very nice gent

Why make beer when you have two breweries within a stone throw.

Why make your own meals, when there are so many restaurants within a stones throw?

Craftbeerlover Craftbeerlover
February 15th

Good one craftbeerlover.

Why go to a craft brewery when you can go to Bottle King?

love2brew in North Brunswick is a mile from work. I go there all the time. They have great recipes and a wealth of knowledge. I just kegged a Belgian quad that is supposed to be like Westvetleren 12. It's tasty. Amazon may have everything, but they're not going to tell you why a recipe didn't work out, your water chemistry, or if you had the wrong temp.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
February 16th

Re: Homebrew University

At $6 for a 12 ounce pour thats $60 a gallon. I brew three gallon batches at about $25-30 cost. Three gallons of beer at a brewery costs $180 of course a bit less if bought in growlers.
My beers are very good and I enjoy the whole process.
From chosing a recipe, buying the ingredients, brewing and bottling. And perhaps as much fun is naming the beer and making our own labels. And the most fun is doing it all with my sweetheart.

Really sucks that my brew session that I bought at Christmas was a total waste of money. A warning of closure would have been nice to try use our certificate.

try contacting him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warren.wilson3

I posted this over on the Hackettstown Facebook forum, but I wanted to drop in my 2c for the Lifers:

I can tell you as a fellow business owner, no one plans to go out of business. He was probably depending on those Christmas sales to push the business through the less-busy first quarter. If your business is going downhill, how do you reverse that? By selling more product, not by telling people the business is failing.

But clearly it didn't work in this case. Maybe it was a family issue, maybe it was a surprise jump in rent; we can't know, and shouldn't be so quick to judge him or his business.

He's heartbroken that the business has to close, and I'm heartbroken along with him.

I've reached out to him to see if we can do something here at Man Skirt Brewing to help make up for your purchases. If you have purchased a session, message me here or at joe@manskirtbrewing.com and we'll talk.

Joe Fisher Joe Fisher
February 17th

Thank you Joe. Well said.

Very nice of you Joe. Nice to see your beers on restaurant menus now.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
February 18th

Two thumbs up to Joe!

Thank you for saying that, Joe. It's tough to understand the roller coaster of being a business owner without first hand knowledge but it is NOT for the faint of heart. Very sad to see such a unique business go.

Somechick1 Somechick1
February 18th

Sad when any business fails. Hopefully he bounces back. Yes, being a business owner ids not for the weak.

Once again Joe shows that he is a class act. Cheers, my friend!

Calico696 Calico696
February 18th

Any recommendation for other homebrew shops in the area. Say a half hour drive

Might be more than a half hour drive, but it's a great shop.

135 Main Street, Suite B, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Craftbeerlover Craftbeerlover
February 20th

Isn't he going into business with someone else and perhaps another brewery somewhere?

@Deal - Source?

somechick1 somechick1
February 20th

Cask and Kettle in Boonton is another
I use them and think they are perfect for my needs
35 minutes from Homebrew U according to google maps


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