Hackettstown singles group's

Wondering if there are any Meet up or Singles Group's in the Hackettstown area. Thank you.

Sandy Sindlinger Sandy Sindlinger
February 15th

I haven’t heard of any , but we could always start our own singles group .

Single2020 Single2020
February 15th

I believe they use to have singles meet at Mattars on Sunday evening around 6 PM don't know if they still do.

There was a PV Social Group for a while - not just for singles - and it has since stopped functioning.

Match.com. There’s many single people, from the Hackettstown area, on that site. It’s user friendly. Met my significant other, on that site. Going on 20 years now. That “left/right swipe” thing seems like a weird way to meet the “right one”. I remember going to a singles meeting, near Flanders, over twenty years ago. Don’t remember the name but there was never more than 20 people there. Today? I think there would be even less people at a singles event in today’s world. Hope OP finds good company.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
February 16th

I agree with single2020. We should start a new singles group.

I think a lot of people would like that, but then like last time people start saying couples are okay, too - and that means trying to figure out who is single and who is not and so on. ;)

February 17th

This has been tried here so many times over the years and has amounted to nothing. The reality of today is that the majority of people can't commit to attending anything.

We used to do happy hour meet ups years ago. Single and non-single were welcome. It started off well, but after about 6 months we would be lucky to get 5 people to come out.

I wish you all luck in your quest to find "the one".

Calico696 Calico696
February 17th

You're better off going on MeetUp or starting a group on there for people in the area. Then, you get singles to join or join singles in outings for groups already formed. They have them by age and by things you like to do. Just a thought, that way you aren't among couples.

February 17th

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