HHS Wrestling postseason

Good luck to the Tigers on the mat tonight in Caldwell as they battle for the North 2 Group 2 Sectional title and the right to advance to the Group 2 semifinals in Toms River on Sunday.

P'burg and Warren Hills are also wrestling for their own sectional titles tonight. P'burg at North Hunterdon should be a good one... or, P'burg might get smoked.

ianimal ianimal
3 days ago

Hackettstown lost tomCaldwell tonight 32-23. Tough one. Phillipsburgh lost to N. Hunterdon

Phillipsburg can't come back they're down too much

Dubya Cee Oh fer Three...

32-23? Thought I read 29-26 earlier.

ianimal ianimal
2 days ago

North Hunterdon's "murderers' row" in the five upper weights took them all the way. They were an absolutely amazing team all year. You never saw those guys get rattled … they were as down to business as any high school team you'll ever see in any sport.

Tough draw for the burg to face them in the sectionals. In my book, North was the best public school team in the whole state.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
8 hours ago

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