Trader Joe's in Easton

Sounds like its coming soon

This Easton project may be our best chance yet to get a Trader Joe’s in the Lehigh Valley
Let’s flash back to 2004. The Lehigh Valley was rapidly growing through the development of bedroom communities for people willing to endure a 2-hour commute to New York City. The tradeoff was that they could live in a McMansion by paying a fractio...

Who cares about Easton. I care about Hackettstown! I know I know here comes everyone who’s going to say population blah blah blah but with all these houses going up in Mansfield and condos off 80 I can’t say why a Trader Joe’s can’t go in my olive next to that gym

Bug3, link?

"Sounds like its coming soon" - Bug3

"To be clear, this is all just speculation. We’re very early in the process, and Peron, like any smart developer, won’t be divulging a tenant until after approvals are in place and a deal’s inked. As for Trader Joe’s, we’ve inquired about its interest in the Lehigh Valley multiple times in recent years. My last pass at them yielded no response. The protocols that apply to the developer also apply to the prospective tenant so I don’t blame Trader Joe’s for not wanting to play the game of speculation." - dude who wrote the story

No... no, it doesn't sound like Trader Joe's is coming soon. It sounds like some guy wishes it will happen. If Trader Joe's comes to the Lehigh Valley, it will be in the Allentown/Bethlehem-area and not in downtown Easton in a flood plain.

Its in express times

Easton is a redevelopement zone with major tax breaks....thats why there is a trader joes possibilty...not so much the location

I now have two near work in New Brunswick, 10 mi. or less from each other. Very convenient.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
February 14th

I have a standing list of things I need to get from Trader Joe's anytime I'm in West Windsor for a meeting... this direction comes from my wife, if that wasn't already apparent.

"Sounds like its coming soon"


Sound like a guy wrote an article about a wish and a prayer. There are no facts in that article.

I go to the one in Denville on route 10, 30 minutes from Hackettstown .

An hour round-trip
for 2 buck chuck; that’s loyalty.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
February 14th

There's one in Florham Park as well. 2buck Chuck in Denville... Have to go to Westfield for that. Something about liquor licenses in NJ.

I wish Trader Joe's or Whole Foods would come to a town in Warren County, that would be nice! I guess Easton area would be close enough!

Been going to Trader Joes since the 90s. Back then they had an eclectic offering of food items. One of the things I miss being out in the boonies.

Florham Park was one of the first, although the current location is brand new.

An hour round-trip
for 2 buck chuck; that’s loyalty.

Spend 15 bucks in gas and an hour of time for a bottle of wine.

Gotta love booze to do that!

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
February 15th

Gonna be some space opening up in the Mt Olive Retail Center - maybe a good spot for Trader Joe’s?
Much better location and economic profile than Hkts.

Odd to me that Shop Rite still has such a stronghold on Western Morris County,
Sussex, and Warren counties here in 2020. Shop Rite carries lesser quality/healthier
products than Wegmans, Whole Foods , and Trader Joe's. As time goes on
people want to eat healthier and the answer isn't Shop Rite !!

I can get most organic products that I'm looking for at Shoprite. People can eat healthy. Just stop buying food that contains additives. The basics are there.

Shoprite has a nice local program with herbs and veges. I like their International line too in it’s still lower or equal to brand priced but truly International in flavor for some distinctive tastes. Hard to beat their prices.

They have free pickup on now; think I might make a hard goods run trying that. Think it’s available in Washington not Mansfield.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
February 16th

Wegman's is the way to go for Organic - Trader Joe's produce & meat does not have much variety. Unfortunately it's a half hour away..

Two buck chuck is three bucks in Westfield Trader Joes last time I checked.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
February 16th

Yeah, well, can't keep changing the name like 30 Burgers. Bottle's probably smaller too :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
February 16th

Why go to Easton when you have a great TJ on RT.10W in Denville/Randolph?

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
February 17th

Because it’s far?


A TJ at the former A&P location would be fantastic! That store would absolutely be a popular place to shop, but unfortunately I just don't see it happening. There is a very specific demographic that places like TJ, WF, and Wegmans is looking for, I just don't think anywhere within a 15 mile radius of Hackettstown is where they are looking.

And that's a damn shame.

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
February 17th


LOL...Far? And Easton is closer?

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
February 17th

For me yes. I guess it depends on where you live. :)

Easton is closer for me, too.

I’ll defer to you Resturant Ralph.
My thoughts were huge traffic from existing stores- plenty of parking- EZ access to Rte 80 plus very dense population area- many upscale housing units as well as many condos.
Only area competition is Shoprite and one Weis.

Don't matter --- neither LV or H-town have either the populations nor the median income needed to fit TJ's expansion criteria. Plus, both are some distance from other TJ's, a criteria needed to maximize TJ's distribution and inventory strategies.

IOW, they need more people making more money with other stores in closer proximity than these two locations currently offer. IOW --- you need more liberals :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
February 18th

can anyone confirm, I was told the apartments behind wawa just got approved to be a trader joes?

freedom12 freedom12
February 22nd

I heard Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are going in behind wawa

Philliesman Philliesman
February 22nd

^^ that would be amazing.

If would be a aldi

Not even close to being true

Philliesman I have heard the same thing when I was on main st today. people are taking about it...must be something behind it.

freedom12 freedom12
February 22nd

"I heard Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are going in behind wawa"

And a Norstroms along with a Louis Vuitton store!

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
February 22nd

Don't forget the Bentley dealership...

The site behind WaWa is part of a redevelopment plan which specifically states what is approved to go in there. So in order for a Trader Joe’s to go there someone would need to ask for a change In the redevelopment plan which no one has. Also the apartments scheduled to go there are part of the towns fair share housing plan that was submitted to the state so again that would have to be changed which it has not. So not sure whose is saying this but there is no truth to it. Those apartments are a big part of the towns housing plan which is needed to meet COAH requirements that the town spent a lot of time on so I don’t see that getting changed

Feels like groundhog day Jim L.....

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
February 22nd

So basically its section 8 projects

Nope not even close. 17 units will be affordable and those 17 units will count towards the town’s COAH state requirements. So for a Trader Joe’s to go there the developers would need to find another place to put 17 affordable units for the town to meet its state requirements. But nice try bug.

The stupidity on this site never ceases to amaze me

So according to Jim L, someone needs to submit for a trader Joe's change instead of unbuilt apartments.

does anyone know when the next town council meeting is I am willing to ask and make a statement so the town will build a trader Joe's.

seems much more demand for a trader Joe's over some apartments. please there is a buzz around town, make sense to me!

freedom12 freedom12
February 22nd

also Jim L, as for who is saying it or asking for it...clearly people on this forum and around town.

freedom12 freedom12
February 22nd

Location Request:

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
February 22nd

Next town council meeting is Thursday February 27. Please go and ask the town to build a Trader Joe’s. Of course you know Trader Joe’s has to actually want to come to town.

excellent link jrzygirl88

I just filled it out and I encourage everyone on here to do the same for hackettstown. I put the wawa address and note about how people are asking the town to change zoning to make it easy.

now its upto leadership of this town to allow it...

freedom12 freedom12
February 22nd

^ Anybody who wants to have a Trader Joe’s nearby would best be served moving to Denville or Florham Park as they aren’t coming anywhere in Warren or Sussex county.

“ and note about how people are asking the town to change zoning to make it easy.”

???? Who has asked the town to change the zoning?

Also there are plenty of locations that are zoned for a Trader Joe’s. Zoning is not the issue. The lack of interest of Trader Joe’s to want to be in Warren County is the only thing preventing TJs from coming to town.

Obviously the town would welcome a Trader Joe’s in town

ok then fill out the request link and note the location behind wawa... this really isn't that hard!

freedom12 freedom12
February 22nd

I'd prefer a Planet fitness over a Trader Joe's.

An inexpensive gym would be good.

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
February 22nd


Inexpensive perhaps, but it depends on what your idea of a gym is. Many I know wouldn't deign to call it a "gym".

Oh and my source also mentioned a kings.

Philliesman Philliesman
February 22nd

"Anybody who wants to have a Trader Joe’s nearby would best be served moving to Denville or Florham Park as they aren’t coming anywhere in Warren or Sussex county."

So.........Traitor Joes?

Are we still talking about Easton?

Riverside is $28/mo.
Whadda want, the gym to PAY YOU to go?

"Kings" was the original grocery store that was supposed to be built in the abandoned mall that used to be on that site

Bug3, that is interesting. I recall there was talk of a restaurant going like TGIF's. That was in 1988-1989ish when they started working on the site. It is incredible that a project began 30 years ago and nothing ever happened there in all that time!
That was the rumor back then about a restaurant. Long before the long lived Olive Garden joke going across from Target.

Kings was approved by the planning board...dunno what else was supposed to be built there.. but the site consistantly floods..kind really stupid to put apartments there....maybe get a row boat for the fire department to rescue people

So many sites in or around just sit vacant would be wonderful to see something happen behind wawa, across from target in that empty patch of woods next to the road. As we’ve noted before bibly road But nice to see flags in the ground in back of cvs.

I wish people would read before they write. The area behind WaWa is slated for the 17 apartments so the city can adhere to the affordable housing mandates. It will not be changed even if you could get Trader Joe's to come here. There are other sites in town and I wish people wouldn't waste their time trying to put anything else behind WaWa. Just read JimL previous post I the issue.

We just want to know who was stupid enough to put apartments in a flood plain

Just as long as the 57 to 46 connector goes in ;-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
February 24th

Where is that supposed to be?

Re: Trader Joe's in Easton

Of course the facts are the apartments are not in a flood plain and there will be 13 acres of protected land along the river. But hey why bother with facts right Bugger?

But to answer your question Who approved it? The developer needed approval from:

Planning Board
NJ Highland council

I guess all of those departments are stupidier than an internet troll from Independence.

Just amazing - this whole thread:

I just find it amazing that not only is TJ's coming, but that they will be building TJ's over top of COAH housing for trolls in a flood plane overlooking a TGIF's as verified by bystanders on Main Street. I think our planners have got something here.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
February 24th

The facts are that area consistently floods and only a real idiot would build apartments there...if its not a flood plain than build the dang bypass...oh whoops cant build that because of wetlands.. my bad

Maybe this will help Jim L see the light of day...instead of calling people troll..research

"but the site consistantly floods"

yes it flooded in 2011 during Irene, Including most of Rte 57 and Mountain Ave up to East Ave. 1 time. aka 1% chance aka 100 year storm. that is a fact.... Saying it consistanly floods is not a fact, its an uninformed comment made by a troll. BTW your video is higher north on Mountain Ave, I guess they shouldn't have built on any of those lots either since those lots constantly flood too... and by constantly I mean once.

Also since that storm, dams along the river have been removed to help with water flow. So again facts.

And of course, i am sure the developer who owns the land and has owned the land for years, including during that Irene flood is a real idiot and has not thought about the fact that he is building apartments next to a river and didn't plan for that when he was designing his site. Nor did any of the NJ state agencies that approved the plan... all idiots. you are so right bugger!!!

How many floods do I have to post..Been atleast 5x since 1985...probably more....usually just in the old Hackettstown Mall parking lot....rarely made it to mountain ave...but alas our town leaders want lets put it where it floods...who cares they are poor people any way

"How many floods do I have to post"

well when you say "consistently" i would say maybe more than 1 might be a good start... consistently would mean every time it rains that site floods. You should have countless videos of a site that consistently floods. I mean you seemed to have really studied the site.

And the town didn't ask for the apartments, the developer wanted to build them, the town is just making sure that if they get built then enough COAH units are included so the town can meet its requirement. Its not a matter of Wanting COAH its a matter of Must have COAH. Not all the units on the site will be COAH so again facts.

Well done Jim L........glad someone has facts to counter nonsense posters

Its flooded several times since the old dam was removed....but alas leaving the area as woods would generate no income ...Jim L you can play dumb...but 1 bad flood should have been enough to stop someone building apartments next to a river....I will post more videos

Jim L likes to defend mediocracy.

"At the time of the 2001 Reexamination Report it was noted that Warren County commissioned a study for a Hackettstown Bypass, with the intent of diverting traffic from Mountain Avenue and East Avenue and a portion of Route 46. Based on the evaluation of alternatives in the Bypass Study, it was clear that an alternative which features construction of a bypass from Route 57 to Route 46, roughly paralleling East Avenue provides superior traffic service to the region. It was concluded that the bypass alignment was preferable to improvement of East Avenue itself for a number of reasons. However, during the community involvement phase of the study, it became clear that Washington Township officials strongly opposed the bypass alignment. In the interest of achieving consensus and progressing the project, the Hackettstown Town Council suggested that the East Avenue alternative be selected initially to provide short term relief in the corridor. Hackettstown also requested, however, that the bypass be retained as an optional part of the plan, so that it could be revisited at some future time as a longer term solution."

Again if you want facts, the bypass was shut down by Washingtown twp. Hackettstown was all for it.

"but alas leaving the area as woods would generate no income"

13+ of the 15+ acres will be woods. Again look at the pic i posted earlier and you will see just how much of the site will be woods. In fact more woods will be added then whats already there as parts of the lot have already been clear and have concrete pads from prior failed projects. So this new project will add wetlands and green space.

How do you add woods? Plant trees?

Re: Trader Joe's in Easton

"Its flooded several times since the old dam was removed....but alas leaving the area as woods would generate no income ...Jim L you can play dumb...but 1 bad flood should have been enough to stop someone building apartments next to a river....I will post more videos"

They can use a flood plane to get in and out.

Re: Trader Joe's in Easton

How do you add woods? Plant trees?

They are removing concrete slabs that are there and replacing them with tall wetlands grass. Over time more wooded trees will fill in the area naturally but in the meantime it will be protected tall wetlands grass that will help in the event the river banks get too high.

Here's whats there now:

"One opponent is Warren County Freeholder John DiMaio, who is the former mayor of Hackettstown and a proponent of construction of a traffic bypass from Route 57 and Mountain Avenue to Route 46....

He said Hackettstown and Washington Township have been talking about longterm goals and that a bypass should be one of them.

A bypass would run along Hearthstone Road in Washington Township, through the rear of a farm field off East Avenue and then through a portion of the unfinished mall in Hackettstown, through the trailer park and the Golden Skillet restaurant on Mountain Avenue to create an intersection on Mountain Avenue with Route 57.

Washington Township has consistently opposed the bypass plan."

again facts, Washington Twp was against the Bypass. Hackettstwon and Warren county freeholders were all for it.

I predict nothing will ever get built there

They are removing concrete slabs that are there and replacing them with tall wetlands grass. Over time more wooded trees will fill in the area naturally but in the meantime it will be protected tall wetlands grass that will help in the event the river banks get too high

They did this why?

Well the River has been known to flood

Thanks Jim L

You have been very helpful

will the discussion to rezone the apartments behind wawa to retail (trader joe) being taking place at the planning board meeting this week?

this process of giving the people of this town what they want is taking too long.

freedom12 freedom12
March 1st

No, this week's meeting is to form an ad hoc committee of goons to go to Trader Joe's corporate offices and torture their Board of Directors until they agree to bring their grocery store to a place that they don't want to. Re-zoning comes later...

ianimal ianimal
March 1st

Sadly I just read the founder, Joe just passed away.

May mean nothing to them building any stores, but the founder, Trader Joe himself, has passed on.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
March 1st

His use-by date has expired as the maritime bells toll one last time.

Thank you for making shopping fun!

strangerdanger strangerdanger
March 1st

“ will the discussion to rezone the apartments behind wawa to retail (trader joe) being taking place at the planning board meeting this week?”

Umm no. A) the land use meeting was last week. So was the town council meeting. b) Trader Joe’s does not to come here. C) that area is already zoned To allow retail.

What is has is an approved site plan for apartments. Go get Trader Joe’s to contact the owner of the site and tell him they want to build on his site. I’m sure he want love it.

who is the owner, I will try to set this up... thanks

freedom12 freedom12
March 1st

So I can’t figure out if you are this naive or if you are the greatest internet troll ever. Im kinda hoping you’re playing us all because I don’t want to believe someone could possibly be this naive.

Jim L, why the hostility? I am simply trying to help facilitate a great opportunity for our town. many people are talking about this; seems we have a clear need and want. why not help to accomplish or at least attempt?

too many people stuck with the status quo... sorry it was not zoned for that or there isn't a need. how about the mayor and town council solict Trader Joe's? let use some political power to get the people what they want!

TJ is not that large of a corporation to think they have eyes on every opportunity is naive.

freedom12 freedom12
March 3rd

TJs is not even a corporation; they are owned by one of the Aldi’s; I think Aldi Sud. If you read up on their business model, the area for expansion not only needs a certain density, but also a certain demographic. Plus, they tend to expand at certain distances from other TJs because of their logistics model.

I do not think we meet the criteria. Not sure Easton does either.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
March 3rd

Hey stranger

Heres the number for their corporate office..please call them and tell them they are not a corporation

Bug3, really don't want to get in a …..sing match so I suggest you might read up on the definition and the current TJ organization to get a better idea. On the other hand, perhaps I am operating a bit in the weeds on this one; not like what you said is all that wrong. The reason is that people call these things corporations all the time, however, if there is not stock, there is no corporation. Can be private or public, but there must be stock. TJ's, or Aldi's, has no stock.

Originally TJ's was owned by Joe, it was not a public company, no stock, and, as such, not a corporation, which, by definition, is not owned by a single person, family etc. Just one guy, Joe.

After the Aldi purchase, in 1979, it was owned by a German, Theo Albrecht, until 2010 when his heirs took over. Again, it was a private family-run company, not a publicly traded corporation.

Divisions and wholly-owned subsidiaries do have corporate offices. Does not make them a corporation. They are wholly owned by Aldi ---- which is not a corporation either.

So, in this case, what' the diff? Well, you can't, with your like-minded friends, buy up stock and force them to open a TJ's in town. However, you can call upon the Aldi family and make your request :>)

Hope that helps but probably just as confusing.... sorry.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
March 3rd

Why would Trader Joes or Whole Foods or any other store for that matter want to come here? If they read anything on Hackettstown Life theyd see all people do is bitch about price everywhere "the food was amazing and the service was great but it was a little to pricey id never go back." umm do you think these places dont look at sites like this. They know as soon as they open they are going to get bashed and hear endless complaints about prices. Your not going to get quality for cheap. You get what you pay for. Itd be great to have something like a trader Joes but they definitely research before they open.

Momof6 Momof6
March 3rd

Try for something more realistic

Aldi or dollar tree or maybe a sheets from pa..convience stores are very popular

FYI: NJ Division of Revenue shows Trader Joe's to be a "Foreign For-Profit Corporation". Look under "Type". Note also that "Foreign" just means outside of New Jersey.

It therefore must indeed have issued stock, but as the Corporation is privately held, the stock is not tradeable on any exchange.

It's Warren county people not Morris. We will never get those stores. Thankfully Morris county isn't far away so continue to take your money there. I do.

Jd2; I can’t match your search on my phone, but I think you are right. Reason is probably not organization, or stocks, but taxation and the definitions seem to differ in each area. Between Aldi, Aldi Nord, Aldi Sud, Trader Joe’s Company, and what you found, my head hurts. I know I can’t buy stock and that’s usually where it ends for me.

I may look further but I stand corrected.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
March 3rd

freedom12 here is the contact information for on Jon Basalone President of Stores for Trader Joe's. Feel free to email him directly your interest in them opening a store in Hackettstown. In fact, have everyone you know email him directly.

If you think the Mayor, town council and BID have not tried, you are misinformed. It has to be a 2 way level of interest.

Jim, thanks for sharing with all of us. this will be put to use immediately. I am curious on your note that the mayor and council have tried to get Trader Joe's in town or to the wawa location.

can you give us some context as to what those attempts consisted of? first time I am hearing of your leadership to take this on. I appreciate it and this should put to bed some of the noise about how the town is blocking this from happening.

I am excited for the joint effort here to enact positive change for our community.

freedom12 freedom12
March 3rd

“ this should put to bed some of the noise about how the town is blocking this from happening.”

Honestly the only noise about how the town is blocking this is coming from you. The town doesn’t block any business from coming to town. Again the only thing blocking this from happening is Trader Joe’s unwillingness to want to come. They have shown zero interest to date. But I’m sure with all your emails to Mr. Basalone will change that.

grouchy tonight Jim? I thanked you for the email info and your note that the town has tried. all I asked is what did you try?

as far as noise I have posted a hand full of times on this matter. sorry for showing some excitement on a topic that many have posted and talked about.

freedom12 freedom12
March 3rd

JD2: most certainly a corporation: I was very wrong. Reason could be one or more of:
Personal asset protection. (that alone, works for me)
Credibility/name protection.
Perpetual existence if the owners die
Tax flexibility and deductible expenses

Well, live n learn. Like I said, I stop at whether public or private for researching equities and have summaries for taxes so I missed it. blew it, etc.

And now for the fun:
The story of Trader Joes begins with Joe in 1958 as a convenience store in CA. Aldi bought it in 1979. Aldi’s started in 1946 in Germany by two Albrecht brothers. Later, around 1960, they tiffed over cigarettes and created Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud (north and south and yes, they created the Aldi equator in Germany). Aldi means ALbrecht DIscount. OK, hold on to your hat…. After the bro’s passed, both Aldi’s are owned 80% by family foundations operating on behalf of the three heirs. How the "shares" are divvied up, who knows. TJ.s is owned by Aldi Nord but operates independently in the US. Aldi in the US is Aldi Sud. Aldi Sud also operates TJs in Europe. Sud and Nord share some private labels so when you buy an Aldi brand it may be one, the other, or both.

There may be a test :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
March 4th


After reading your chronology, now it's my head that hurts. :-)

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