Non-Slip Deck Surface Question

I just know one of you very knowledgable Hlifers will know if such a thing exists. A family member has a deck which is their entry/exit to their house. It is a skating rink even when it is wet in cold weather; it doesn't have to be freezing weather for the skating rink effect to occur. Is there such a thing as a deck surface that could provide at least some non-slip help; maybe not 100% but something. It is very dangerous. Thank you so very much.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
Feb '20

You could purchase those self-adhesive non-slip traction sheets that you buy in Home Depot, Lowes, hardware store, etc. But that would change the appearance. They also sell a grit that you can add to paint, but not sure if you could also add it to some type of clear coat for your deck.

Hope that helps, ....... and Best of luck!

Rob Durana Rob Durana
Feb '20

Look into marine paint for boat decks. They make a non slip paint. Boat decks get wet all the time and are slippery. They may have to sacrifice a stain on the deck portion and use paint.

Feb '20

From adding sand to paint to specialized paint to screw-down traction strips, there are many ways to improve traction in price order as listed. As to viability, it depends how slick you getting. If boards installed cup side up, it’s much harder to mitigate for example.

I might start with the specialized paint, read some reviews first. And then traction strips for any stairs or the pathway to the door if the paint doesn’t do it.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Feb '20

What did your internet search reveal or a visit to a creditable hardware/lumber shop like Blue Ridge Lumber?

Didn’t look farther than realizing they exist. I would discover a couple of sources, more depending on trust level.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Feb '20

Could be that the deck requires a good cleaning and seal, and that'll mitigate the issue.

If the deck is weathered, there's the Behr Deckover paint that's textured.

The_Bishop The_Bishop
Feb '20

This is going to sound really weird, but simple hay straw is extremely effective if it is shaken in placed in water; it dries face up and prevents slippage naturally. Sand sinks to the bottom of puddles and/or water instead and freezes at the bottom. Straw has "knap" and sticks upwards, therefore freezing well and preventing slips and falls.
Advantages: cheap. easy to store. biodegradeable. etc.
It creates a basket weave pattern for this need.
Also: Natural fertilizer/mulch, etc.

P.m me if you need me

hmmm, we used to use straw to fill in melt areas for we basically skied on it. So versatile! For slipping or for traction. OK, I know I am in the weeds :>) here......but chances of finding hay straw are slim.... Hay is shaft/seed for feeding; Straw is produced after a seed crop (oats, barley, etc.) is harvested where the seed has been removed and the shaft (straws, get it) remains. The shaft generally is not great silage so it's harvested as straw for non-food purposes after the seed is harvested. Because it does not have seed, it's great for places you don't want new plants.

So Hay Straw is kind of an oxymoron, Hay can never be straw, by definition that Hay always has seeds. However, if, for some unknown reason, like collecting grass seed, the hay seed is harvested first, you possibly could have straw made from hay. Pretty doubtful though since other plants provide much better straw material.

I know, TMI, but the first time you put hay over grass seed to protect it, you will get the difference as the hay begins to sprout. Or, in this case, in you want to plant some seed beneath your deck, use hay..... Because of its unique properties, I always keep a straw bale or two around. But Hay does not keep past 3 years, I like to use mine within a year because it loses nutrient value over time (plus sun which is why lofts are dark...…) I know, TMI.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Feb '20

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