Road Conditions 2/13

Are there any problems on the local roads? My deck is a sheet of ice.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Feb '20

517 and 80 were fine at 4:30am

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Feb '20

all good no issues at all

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Feb '20

Parental Unit you must be up there in elevation?

The concern overnight was anything over 1000 feet for icing. Only area that should still be experiencing icing issues at this hour (10AM) should be way up at High Point with a current temp of 32. Everyone else is above freezing locally and roadways are just wet from what I saw driving home from my overnight shift at work earlier this AM.

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Feb '20

Maybe like a bridge, your deck had a pocket of under 32 degree air underneath it and froze up.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Feb '20

Lenny Rock and Rhyme Animal, you are both right. I am up high. Not quite as high as High Point, but high enough to have my upper level deck ice up at times. It was still dark when I posted and was unable to see my driveway or roads. When I did leave the house I learned the roads were absolutely fine, however my deck was still icey. But I thank you both and all others for your input.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Feb '20

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Re: Road Conditions 2/13
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