Online police blotter?

Had an incident at my home today - and want to know anything more I can find out about what happened to the perp.

Any sites online that post any info?

Josh ~ I don't know of any sites, but the Police Department involved should be able to give you this information. As the victim of a crime you have certain rights with regard to your case -

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Feb '20

Probably given a very low bail and released

Feb '20

Hackettstown PD posts to their FaceBook

Townie Townie
Feb '20

Josh, not sure what type of “incident” happened at your home but I hope you and your family are ok.

Edit: I’m not fishing to find out about your personal business, just honestly hoping you and yours are ok.

Feb '20

"The perp"

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Feb '20

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