Just a fun game....."I am proud to say".........

I have never been issued a ticket for speeding or any other motor vehicle violation...

I have never had a job interview that didn't result in a job offer.

I have never had an alcoholic drink nor smoked a cigarette.

Although faced with many obstacles, I’m proud to say that my (now adult) children turned out ok.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
February 11th

I never broke a bone in my body.

I'm proud to say while I've been pulled over by the police a few times.....I've NEVER been givin a moving violation ticket! loololol Not quite as proud as joyful llololol

I never had a really good pickle .

I've never been fired from a job.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
February 11th

Although the rest of my body is falling apart in my old age....I still have a thick and full head of hair...

I am proud and thankful to say I live in America.

Spring fever Spring fever
February 11th

I'm proud to say my son is in the military and serving his country.

I've never had the flu... and I'm 57 !

From the list above, I've done, almost, it all. And "I've done it my way....."

I've driven the Grand Pre track at Watkins Glen; sang at Carnegie Hall, touched The Gates of Hell, been ushered into the White House, stopped traffic in front of the White House; I've met Tony Curtis, I married my wife, and I've had Crème Brulee on five of the seven Continents. Yet, the best is yet to come!

"I used to smoke
I used to drink
I used to smoke, drink, and dance the hoochie-coo
I used to smoke and drink
Smoke and drink and dance the hoochie-coo
Whoa yeah
But now I'm standin' on this corner
Prayin' for a-me and you"

Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller

strangerdanger strangerdanger
February 11th

I've never met a cat or dog that I did not like (lol)

I am proud to say, that I knew instantly that SD would ramble on with this one. LOL

Calico696 Calico696
February 11th

Me too!!! Calico696!

I've been married 41 years.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
February 11th

And there you go again.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
February 11th

Proud to say I am a really fast typist...

I have seen the David
I've seen the Mona Lisa, too
And I have heard Doc Watson play Columbus Stockade Blues

(And I've seen Guy Clark play "Dublin Blues," which contains these lyrics.)

I have been at the deciding game of the World Series five times …
1966, 1970, 1971, 1979, 1983

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
February 12th

The most expensive ticket of the five was 1983 … $25 … times have really changed since then!

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
February 12th

Isn't pride one of the seven deadly sins?

Calico696 Calico696
February 12th

Yes, it is. We always need to be mindful of that as we go day by day. I suppose reasonable people can tell the difference between the pride it takes to do a job well and the overbearing, obnoxious pride of a narcissist. We need to pray and ask forgiveness every day, for our human shortcomings. End of sermon.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
February 12th

"The Operative: Do you know what your sin is, Mal?
Mal: Oh hell, I’m a fan of all seven. But right now, I’m gonna have to go with wrath."


Great one Monty ---- but with my wastrel youth, I will pass on the music. For the arts:

I have seen the David
I've seen the Mona Lisa, too. (me, here, wife in paris)
Gates of Hell, The Kiss (white marble version) (can see it still in Phili)
Starry Night (Moma)
King Tut

Please folks, list some more ----- help my old man's memory because I have CRS on this big time!

strangerdanger strangerdanger
February 12th

You are right, Andy and Calico. Pride goeth before the Fall....I guess the title of this game should be instead: " I am happy for this accomplishment!"...


How about -

Nigh Watch (Amsterdam)
Elgin Marbles & Crown Jewels (London)
Sistine Chapel
Tintoretto's "Paradise" (Venice)
Garden of Earthly Delights (Madrid)

Hmmm - The Thinker
Chihuly Gardens
Calder Mobiles
among many others

I have finally moved out of NJ!

get a grip people....

Kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland...
Seen unbelievably beautiful flowers in Maui, Hawaii
Laid on a Bermuda Beach

I went to the bank for a personal loan. Very proud to learn my credit score was 850. I'm proud that I was told by a WRNJ radio host that I speak very eloquently.

I'm proud to say I've also seen The David and the Mona Lisa. Didn't even know David was in Florence until I was there.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
February 12th

I find it nice so many have travelled seeing art along the way. I just can’t remember and can’t find a list of traveling shows to jog my memory.

For those of us that logged Rodin’s; one of my favs, we should note he was one on the first mass producers of his art. My “The Kiss” was in white marble, The Thinker has been done in many sizes, might even be found in someone’s back yard. All real, just multiples.

The Rodin Museum in Philadelphia has a free sculpture garden; it has most of the major pieces. Entry inside is based on donation, flip em a few bucks for a few minutes if you want to catch The Kiss. But outside, for free, you will find The Gates of Hell, his greatest masterpiece. There are five I think in the world of which I’ve seen three. On it are The Kiss and The Thinker, like a couple feet tall - that’s the “original.” It’s the most moved I’ve been by any sculpture, creepy and beautiful at the same time. For a real good time, go around the left and right —- the sides are even scarier.

For art buffs, try The Barnes in Philli; maybe not the best, but certainly the largest collection of it’s focus in one place in the world. Like no A+’s, but scads of B+’s. All hung in salon style, Barnes’ special organization which has a meaning, but he would never tell, you have to guess. It’s fantastic, has parking, and you can do the Rodin Museum next door on the same park.

The Barnes has, and add for me, some Matisse Cut Outs, the best of which IMO, are in DC at the Smithsonian, but The Barnes are pretty fantastic. Nice restaurant with sun trap patio, great for those sunny Spring days coming. Enjoy, it’s a great day trip.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
February 13th

I’m proud to say that I’ve been a parent for 21 years and none of my kids ever broken a bone or needed stitches.... until this past Tuesday when my daughter collided with another kid in gym and needed a plastic surgeon to stitch her face up.

Wow, this thread really turned into a treasure trove of arts! Outstanding.

I listed the ones I did because of the lyrics to that song, but I'm happy to say I've seen most of the others listed here, too. Gates of Hell, The Kiss, Starry Night (and lots more Van Gogh), Nigh Watch, Elgin Marbles, Crown Jewels, Tintoretto's "Paradise", Garden of Earthly Delights, Chihuly Gardens, Water Lilies (and tons more Monet), Calder Mobiles (and his Circus), and gobs of Picasso, including Guernica.

My wife and I were both Fine Arts majors, so most of our travels are more or less based on what art is available to see at any given destination.

EDITED TO ADD: Agree completely with SD's recommendation of the Barnes collection. We saw it in its original location, but it's very much worth seeing anywhere.

Joyful - did you have any idea where this would lead?

Brandywine Valley - to see Longwood Gardens, Brandywine River Museum of Art, and the https://whartonesherickmuseum.org/
which requires reservations for very small group tours

The Peacock Room at the Freer in DC is amazing !

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