Mattress donation

I want to donate a clean twin mattress but, apparently because of newer laws, places like habitat, salvation army, vietnam vets don't take them anymore.

Any suggestions before I take it to the dump?

JWolfe75 JWolfe75
Feb '20

sent you an email, if you don't get it let me know. thanks

You cannot donate it as you mentioned. The only possibility is to give it away privately, try an HL ad, Craigs List, or Free Cycle. Even that is not likely with all of the sanitary issues. Best bet is out with the trash - their fees are usually about the same as the dump so you don't have the cost of taking it there yourself.

happiest girl
Feb '20

Hi Rita, I responded in case you didn't see it.

Furniture assist in Springfield will take it if someone closer doesn't want it. Thanks happiest girl, got there through your link

Much appreciated

JWolfe75 JWolfe75
Feb '20


happiest girl
Feb '20

Donate to an animal shelter.

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