Question re: transfer of 45 RPM to MP 3 or Turntable

I need to transfer a 45 rpm to an MP 3. Does somebody know somebody who can do that for me locally? Or, if not, could I borrow a small old-fashioned turntable? This is to play a song recorded by a person who will very soon be entering Heaven. The music will be played at the Wake if I can get this accomplished. Thank you for any responses.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
2 weeks ago

How old is the song?... maybe a MP3 version already exists

Lots of options on a quick Amazon search such as-

Mrs. Pipes

I'll check to see if my portable one has an adapter for 45's. It has two sideways facing speakers and doesn't sound bad. If so, I'd be willing to loan it to you for the wake if you don't find a way of getting it in MP3 form or another way that works for you in time.

- happily the hubster is taking care of it and it will be ready for them this morning.........


Glad he was able to take care of that for them. I didn't know how soon it was needed, but just in case my record player's still available as backup if needed. It does have a 45 adapter. Admittedly an MP3 is much easier because you can run it on repeat without wearing any grooves...

found the songs online, downloaded them, tweaked them - loaded them onto her flash drive before her hubster got here - so glad to be able to help

I have thanked 4catmom personally. Now, I thank you publicly; Thank You So Very Much 4catmom and your Hub!


Thank you to all who responded to my special need.

This is what HL does best, which is, to help each other when able and where possible.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
2 weeks ago

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Re: Question re: transfer of 45 RPM to MP 3 or Turntable
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