Fire Trucks ?!!!

Anybody know about the ambush of fire trucks in Hackettstown near Marleys..?

Joe Momma
Jan '20


Thats what the WC active incidents says.

Andrew Andrew
Jan '20

Ambush of fire trucks??????

Earnhardt Earnhardt
Jan '20

It appears that now everything is under control and that the fire started in the apartment over 205 Main St. in Hackettstown. 205 Main St. is the place that I was owner of Joy Boutique back in the '80s. Hope the current owner and tenant there is OK and all is now back to normal..

joyful joyful
Jan '20

It was a nightmare getting home for me. Crazy on main st! I saw multiple fire trucks/ambulances on my way home to great meadows. Sincerely hope all involved are/will be ok.

Jan '20

I don't think "ambush " is the right collective noun for a group of Fire Trucks and/or First Responders and is probably the last term they'd wish to hear either. I did see a fire dept blog from the UK that called them a "Gaggle" for lack of another term. Maybe someone should look into that.

By the way Mervin, I'm sure it didn't help that, yet again, parts of Rt. 46 (by Stiger and Valentine) were closed due to an earlier MVA and a downed pole between 11am and 4pm according to texts from HPD. 35 minutes after the "46 fully open" text I got the one about fire dept activity near 46 and Moore.

I too hope everyone (people and pets, if there were any), were able to be evacuated safely and that the damage wasn't too severe. It's got to be rough being forced out of the place you live, thank goodness the conditions weren't as bad as they could've been.

Phil D. Phil D.
Jan '20

"Ambush of fire trucks??????"

Cmon.......what better way to sneak up on a fire.

From HFD's fb page

HFD responded to 205 Main St for smoke coming from the heating vents on the second floor. The first arriving chief discovered the front bedroom on fire. As a precaution the first alarm was dispatched and the fire was quickly extinguished with one hand line, our members then opened up the wall and ceiling to check for extension which proved to be negative. Photo courtesy Jay Edwards

Jrsemom Jrsemom
Jan '20

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