And if the mods delete this and don't allow conversation to be had, well they are just as bad as the judge himself.

I saw this on youtube a week or so ago. It's not isolated to PA. I'm sure some remember the NJ judge who was awakened from his slumber by the Roxbury PD while in the left turn lane of Rt. 10E at the intersection with Hillside Ave. He threatened them with "not backing them up anymore, etc."

For that matter, the Hopatcong Town Manager that was stopped on Stanhope-Sparta Rd. by a Stanhope Cop and tried to pull the "do you know who I am?" BS. I guess those drugs weren't yours either? The cop shouldn't care who you are, only that you're putting the public at large in danger. The fact that a judge or anyone holding sway over your life or liberty does what they can punish you for is hypocritical at best. The same goes for cops and prosecutors, lest we forget the infamous Warren County case... .

Or this guy:

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. They always feel they are above the law until confronted,exposed and then and only then is there any recognition that they were wrong to flaunt there stature. You or I or John Q Citizen in the same position would have been severely reprimanded if we were to have exited our vehicle upon being pulled over and more than likely ticketed for the infraction. The judge should be ashamed of himself for the actions he took as nobody should be above the law.

Carefully Driving Carefully Driving
January 24th

Enough of this friends and family behavior...

My issue is that they clearly can see and hear what he did- and yet nothing happens.

Lets see a normal person get out of the car and approach a cop like that- what came next would be much much different.

So... why DID the cop pull him over?

Google “Good for me and not for thee”.

You’re not alone thinking this way Josh, not by sling shot.

justintime justintime
January 24th

Article from last month.

Calico696 Calico696
January 24th

Yeah, it’s amazing what the all powerful can get away with. Got some really great examples.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
January 24th


While the officer refuses to comment and the audio is muted up until he hits the lights, I understand it was because the judge was tailgating, then honked when the undercover police vehicle wouldn't move out of his way quickly enough. Maybe the cop would've let it pass if he hadn't honked, I couldn't say.

I did see this on "The Master's Report" Youtube channel which posted it last June (more than that wek or so I thought it was):

I prefer the "Real World Police" channel because they post the good, the bad, the ugly and the humorous sides of police work. When there's documentation to back something up or to give a video background or followup they file an FOIA request for the records. Twenty years ago, when I was building in car, bodyworn and undercover video systems (in Hackettstown) for police Depts. and Government agencies I could see the value of them, for all sides. It can help keep the police honest and above board as well as protect them from false accusations.

With how virtually everyone now has a phone to video from any point in the interaction, you never get the full story, unless the PD has a bodycam on and running, to be turned off only for bathroom breaks, etc. An officer shouldn't accidentally be able to shut it off either. The recorders we made were in lockboxes that were to be bolted into the vehicle trunk and the only one that could change the tape (yep, that old, but reliable tech at the time) was the shift commander or chief.

By the way, anybody notice the two other violations committed by the "judge" in the video? While he did signal his right indicator to pull off the road, apparently he did NOT signal a left turn to rejoin the road. Also, PA has a "Wipers on, HEADLIGHTS ON" law, as we do in NJ. Their law specifically includes "intermittent" wipers. It is obvious he doesn't have his headlights on, as you can't see any running lights from behind, just brake lights when he slows.

So lets see, what would that judge have done to any of us "normal" humans who tailgated in the rain & failed to signal to rejoin the roadway? The WOHO ticket is a $25 one so it doesn't really count. Heck, tailgating in the rain could get you a careless or possibly even a reckless citation from the cop alone. On another note, notice how the judge can't control his "stopped" vehicle either. Is he too incompetent to put it into park correctly?

Oh yeah, and if anyone wondered about the other link I posted about the South Jersey Police Lt. drunk driving stop I posted above, here's the followup of what he did after he was taken to the station, which seems ONLY to have happened due to an officer's bodycam being on, which he informs everyone of in the first vid:


Thanks for mentioning that slap on the wrist he got, or was that more of a finger wag? Apparently it was because he "self-reported" the incident a few days later to try and cover his you know what, just in case.

I guess he didn't have his gold badge prominently displayed on his windsheild

Corruption is way more common then you may think. I bet you some how some way its in every single town.

I gotta be honest; I’ve gotten away with worse and approached the cops way worse than that. In my case, call it luck of the Irish.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
January 26th

Take away the scumbags precious pension and let him NEVER hold any nice cushy state job again! The worst punsishment you could ever give a state worker!

January 26th

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