My wifi router has been hash cracked!

So somebody accessed my router and cracked it, I could never think that this is possible. Now They have access to my btc wallet. what should I doo?

HassieHogan HassieHogan
Jan '20

Well that’s never happened to me. Are your router passwords default? I would start by changing every password you have.

Sacks cousin
Jan '20

Right now, turn it off till you figure out if it can be locked and secure again or if you need to buy a new one.
Changing your password won’t do much if it’s hash value has been cracked. They now have access to everything that connects to your WiFi.
Nothing is ever safe and secure with technology!

Jan '20

Lock all your accounts and monitor them very carefully for suspicious activity. Change all your passwords and get a new router today.

Strong passwords are needed, not something like wednesday123...

Wednesday123 is totally ijay's password.

Eperot Eperot
Jan '20

How does one know if their hash has been cracked?

There are alot of sites on the internet that crack don't have a teenage computer genius living with you?

Jan '20

HassieHogan - Cracking the Wifi encryption is different than logging into the router. Neither guarantees anything about your access either - any browser SSL is in addition to any Wifi encryption.

I have the same question as Josh - what makes you think so? What did they do, what evidence do you have? It should indicate the IP.

Today the cable companies reprogram and update the software in them so often it may even be hard to tell compared to the provider's routine maintenance. That's also what may make it a moot point. If it was router entry and not just the encryption key(s) provider updates may wipe out anything they did pretty quickly.

Lots of technology and lots of idiots using it. Learn to secure your stuff properly or hire a professional to do it. Your WiFi refrigerator, washing machine, garage door opener, baby monitor, security cameras are all easy to crack. It's called the internet of things and people don't realize how really dangerous it is. All they care about is " hey look! I can see the UPS guy at my house from on my phone at work! Isn't that awesome?"

Future_journeyman Future_journeyman
Jan '20

If you use a browser to access your router and store the password in the browser...somebody can pull the hash out of the browser...and then decode the hash on the internet....not really that secure

Jan '20

Isn’t that just about anyone with a phone?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Jan '20

I use BackTrack to test network security for clients. If your wireless router is equipped with WPS and the 'hacker' figured out the pin you might as well throw the router in the trash. No matter what the password is they will be able to connect to it using that pin. I would disable WPS if possible.

If your network has limited devices only add the MAC addresses for just the trusted devices that is the most secure ... good luck - buy a new one update the firmware the day you get it and change the default password

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Jan '20

1. How do you know it was hacked?
2. How do you know your BTC wallet was vulnerable?
3. Are you using a hardware wallet?
4. Why do you think Hackettstown Life is the right place to post this?

I'm impressed there is at least one other person in Htown with a BTC wallet.

friendly mcface friendly mcface
Jan '20

Future Journeyman was that really necessary?

You are one of those I'm smarter than everyone types eh?

Grown up, clown

Jan '20

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