Cigar bars anywhere close to Hackettstown??

Any bars or cigar shops where you can get a beer and smoke a cigar locally other than J.R. Cigar in Whippany?



Bob A in NJ Bob A in NJ
Jan '20

Check out famous smoke just outside of easton. Food is ALOT better than jr and the filters are better also. It's on Mort dr about 5 or 10 min oast the college. My go to spot for a stick and bourbon

Dropping in Dropping in
Jan '20

not close to town but a nice place to go is Cigar International in Hamburg, Pa. They have a bar lounge upstairs.

bluegill bluegill
Jan '20

Famous Smoke is actually called "The Leaf" cigar bar. The food is all over the place. I've been going there since it's opened and they're on their 3rd or 4th menu. And what you get is hit or miss. Prices to buy cigars way better than JR.

It's probably the same distance as JR but a tad slower drive. Too bad we have nothing in town. If I needed to cash a check or sell gold or get a prescription, Hackettstown is where it's at.

Steve Steve
Jan '20

The Leaf Cigar Bar / Famous smoke is my go to place. Definitely does not have the selection of either liquor or cigars that JR has, but a really nice place to go, and the drive is SO much more enjoyable, really pretty country once you cross the Belvidere free bridge. As far as the food goes, I don't really have any complaints as I usually just have a burger, as I recall ( and it has been quite awhile) JR did not have much of a food selection, although I may be wrong about this today.
Hops you enjoy.

There's a place in Clinton, right off Main Street on the River. It sells cigars and has nice outdoor seating! If you go, you HAVE to get a hot dog around the corner at Designer Dawgs!

kelleo22 kelleo22
Jan '20

Bethlehem Pa.

cool place!

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Re: Cigar bars anywhere close to Hackettstown??
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