Bright lite with spikes in sky 6:30 pm

Anyone else see the bright lit spike thing in the northern sky? Its not a plane or planet.

Sandy Tomlinson Sandy Tomlinson
January 21st

Wish I did

Booster90 Booster90
January 21st

I saw a helicopter land at the airport near donaldsons that’s about it


Trust No 1

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
January 21st

We never see these this far south, but could this have been what you saw?

Them or those! Finally found a link with correct dates of when the space station can be seen. And that was it!

Sandy Tomlinson Sandy Tomlinson
January 22nd

Sandy, can you share link here? Thanks!

Whip they ain't them. Them are giants ants mutated by nuclear bomb testing

January 22nd

Here is the link to ISS. I receive text message notifications when the ISS is passing over the area.


so was it light pillars or the space station?

Scott,The space station has a spike shape to it. I would see it in dec. About 15 yrs ago on top of schooleys mtn. When i got the correct link it made sense. Wish i could post it but it wont send to here. So no ufo freak out! Yet

Sandy Tomlinson Sandy Tomlinson
January 22nd

Sign up to "spot the station" at

You will receive a text message notification when the International Space Station will be visible in your area.

This is a sample message: (SpotTheStation) Time: Mon Jan 06 6:37 AM, Visible: 4 min, Max Height: 60 degrees, Appears: NW, Disappears: E

That was the most recent time it was visible in our area. It will look like a star (the sun is reflecting off the ISS) but it will move in a straight line across the sky. It does not leave a trail.

Hickory Dog Hickory Dog
January 22nd

So it wasn’t the ISS they saw?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
January 22nd

Yes, it was the ISS. We were watching NJ News12 and they said it would be visible at 6:37pm. I went outside at that time and sure enough we watched it move across the entire sky. It was brighter than any star....very cool. We waved, but I'm not sure if they saw us! haha

FarmerJake FarmerJake
January 23rd

Re: Bright lite with spikes in sky 6:30 pm

ISS (International Space Station) sighting this evening.

Hi Kid. Thanks for posting that. I’m gonna check it out.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
January 23rd

thanks, cool site.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 23rd

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