HL Breakfasts

What happened to the HL Breakfasts? Used to be posts about weekly Sunday meetings for breakfast even if a few people were going and that has not happened lately.

January 18th

Weekly breakfasts stopped when both the HL Fire Company stopped and the Legion stopped their breakfast. (Legion still does Friday dinners which are still going strong) That was about 2014 or so. We went to twice a month instead of weekly.

When it was going strong, the group sometimes hit 20 people. With all of the people either moving or passing away we were lucky to get 6. With so little attendance it formally stopped a couple of years ago.

Today the same people that attended sometimes will see each other and sit together on Sunday's. If you or anyone else that wants to meet, you can contact me off line.

My husband and I were one of the last ones to attend the HL breakfasts as they slowly dwindled to just a few people over the years.. As GC mentioned...we still like to get together whether for a breakfast or even which I would prefer now a lunch date. Just message me as well and we will be happy to meet up with you and enjoy a meal together...Always love to meet and enjoy a meal or visit with a new HL friend...

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