Madaras Family Dental

Any reviews? This dentist was in top dentists, and he is also in my plan..

Townmom Townmom
Jan '20

Great dentist! Been going there for years. Won’t be disappointed.

I have gone to Dr. Madagascar for years. I'm very happy with him.

Earnhardt Earnhardt
Jan '20

We’ve been patients for over 15 years! His staff- Christina and Salam are wonderful too! The other hygienist’s name is escaping me... but we can’t complain...they’ve always worked with us when our situation was tricky as I’ve changed insurance providers more than 12 times.

10yrtownie 10yrtownie
Jan '20

My family have been going to Dr. Madaras for years. Both him and his staff are absolutely fantastic.

Rob Guthrie Rob Guthrie
Jan '20

We have been patients for years and are very happy!!!

Happy Happy
Jan '20

Been a customer for probably 25 years, love them, they are like family.

Grillmaster Grillmaster
Jan '20

I sued him for negligence back in 2001. I wouldn't bring my DOG to him.

Sorry guys, but you asked.

Maybe the loss I experienced at his hands has made him a better dentist for you all. Here's hoping, anyway.

Cathy Cathy
Jan '20

Cathy, what did he do to you?

Hackresident Hackresident
Jan '20

Cathy did you win the case? Because anyone can sue anyone over anything. Also you have no problem mentioning that you sued the dentist but what was negligent? What happened? Please tell us more.

ABundy ABundy
Jan '20

I'm sorry but his lawyers had me sign papers that said I'd never talk about it after I settled for a VERY paltry amount due to his lying and his lawyers lying FOR him.

I will NEVER recommend this man to anyone. I've seen exactly what he's capable of as a 'professional' - and integrity, honesty and character are three words I'll NEVER use to describe him.

Cathy Cathy
Jan '20

If you're looking for a top dentist in Hackettstown - one with integrity, honesty, and a true desire to do the best possible dental work he can - go to Dr. Deehan.


Cathy Cathy
Jan '20

To Mr. Bundy (lol...LOVE the name), yes I know "anyone can sue anyone over anything" but that doesn't mean a personal injury lawyer will take any case just because someone wants to sue someone. There has to be the very real possibility of a sizable award or a contingency lawyer isn't going to waste his time.

And yes, I have no problem mentioning that I sued him - because I CAN mention that part of the whole thing. I won a nominal amount considering the great loss I experienced at his expense. But that's the game the insurance company plays..they make you wait months and months between court dates and then they offer a small amount. After a year and a half of that nonsense - taking off work and showing up in court AGAIN only to get a slightly elevated offer than the time before, I just settled because I was so done with the whole thing and that's what the insurance company is banking on, wearing you down.

I honestly WISH I could tell you all because I'd love for you all to know the truth. But alas, I can't and I'm so sorry I can't - trust me, sorrier than you know.

Cathy Cathy
Jan '20

I’m with Cathy. He is an awful dentist with horrendous bedside manner. When my brother and I were children we had to see him because the good dentist in the office was out and my mom refused to ever let us go back to him. He also hurt her when she had work done by him. I was a kid so I do not remember the details. Also, hate to say this, but he is actually just a rude, ignorant, pretentious jerk... when he was the dentist at a facility I used to work at he made some very unprofessional comments to me. I would NOT recommend him.

Was VERY Rough!

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