2019/2020 MLB Offseason / Hot Stove

Cora and Hinch canned... start the Doomsday Clock for Beltran. There's no way he survives the cheating scandal and makes it to Port St. Lucie in less than four weeks.

Only the Mets would be affected by something that had nothing to do with them at the time . And I just stopped laughing over Cespedes and the wild boar attack .


At least we can sleep better knowing the Wilpon's are on their way out.

Pitchers and catchers report in a month … the Baltimore chatter is that Buck Showalter is on the Mets' radar for the manager job … they could do worse … Buck won a division title in '14 and got to the playoffs twice in the recently bygone decade as a wild card… the only reliable pitcher was the closer (now a Yankee) … he did have Machado, Adam Jones and Chris Davis hitting the crap out of the ball and playing great defense, too.

Now, they have the worst team in their history, since 1954, when they were just the St. Louis Browns with feathers.

How about Jose Altuve holding onto his shirt when coming home after his pennant winning walk-off … pretty incriminating, I'd say, adding the journalistic "allegedly" I've been taught to use.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
January 17th

They definitely need to investigate the players more and they need to be punished. They shouldn't get away with it.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
January 17th

The players are protected by the players union .The reason why Beltran was allowed to be named is because he is no longer a player. The funny part was WFAN's Evan Roberts getting disconnected from a Mets' conference call with their GM after he asked a second question . It seems like everyone else in baseball had heard about the Astos cheating except the Mets' front office . It's laughable how their GM lies and expects people to believe it . The first thing Steve Cohen should do when he takes over the team is fire that snake oil salesman !


Metsman, you may want to stop at Bottle King on your way home and get a beer to cry into...


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...…… I hate these owners so much.....

OMG! Sorry, Metsman.

Calico696 Calico696
February 6th

According to MLB reporter Jon Heyman the Cohen deal is dead , but the team is still for sale . Had the deal gone through it wouldn't have affected the 2020 season anyway .

Jon Heyman
Mets deal is dead, completely kaput. MLB doesn’t blame the Mets, who are expected to open up the sale in a more typical auction now. Also, after what happened here, belief is Stevie Cohen, despite his reported $13B, will have trouble ever buying any team.

They still have deGrom, McNeil, the Polar Bear … still a fun watch, they'll stay in the wild card race before the ultimate let down.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
February 7th

Diaz worked with Pedro Martinez over the winter, so hopefully that got him in a good place to where he can handle NY. Familia also lost 30 pounds. If those 2 do their jobs in the bullpen the team will win over 90 games.

Exactly one month until Opening Day (Thursday, March 26th). Who's in for the annual HL meetup this season?

ESPN lineup for opening day is a good one... Nats-Mets at 1, Giants-Dodgers at 4 and Angels-Astros at 7.

&^%$#@!!!! Severino needs Tommy John surgery.


Calico696 Calico696
February 26th

Re: 2019/2020 MLB Offseason / Hot Stove

Poor Yankees.... I'm sure they'll buy someone to replace him...

"Poor Yankees.... I'm sure they'll buy someone to replace him..."

Jealousy and envy are terrible things. ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
February 26th

It's not like the Mets have never spent big money … Bobby Bonilla is smiling all the way to the bank LOL

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
February 26th

I think they still owe him for 15 more years. LOL....

We will all be dead from Coronavirus before he's fully paid out. LMAO

Calico696 Calico696
February 26th

MLB suspends spring training; Opening Day likely to be delayed...


I just logged into my mlb.tv account and was confused as to why there was no games tomorrow or any day until opening day. Now I know.

Sacks cousin
2 weeks ago

NCAA and JUCO sports are cancelled for the Spring. What a joke.... They better give back players year of eligibility....

I'm sure they will, since the season ended through no fault of the player. That's assuming they have common sense. You never know.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
2 weeks ago

And the MLB draft is going to be a mess. If this gets any worse high school seasons will get cancelled too.

In this case, it is a good thing that high school baseball does not draw big crowds in New Jersey. The state guideline is for events that draw over 250 people into a closely enclosed area, to be called off.

That does not apply to high school baseball in these parts.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
2 weeks ago

Yea but if the kids aren't back at school they're not going to play. That's why I don't understand why the NCAA did what they did. Why not postpone things for a couple of weeks before making a rash decision of cancelling the seasons. Colleges are only on extended spring break at the moment. So why cancel all the sports.... At least the NCAA is giving all Spring sports another year of eligibility.

Sad day.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
3 days ago

For sure. Oh well, the bright side is that we are still all undefeated.

Calico696 Calico696
3 days ago

MLB is investigating but somehow the Mets managed a loss today.

Roywhite Roywhite
3 days ago

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