Black Helicopter 1/9

What’s with the chopper hovering around the Allen road area it’s 9:45am.

checking power lines.

Yup, they do this every year or two.

Rob Durana Rob Durana
2 weeks ago

That's what they want you to believe...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
2 weeks ago

Re: Black Helicopter 1/9

It was aliens....

It's full of mountain lions being dropped into the woods

Not Aliens, not Mountain Lions, but TURKEYS!

If you want to miss the setup of one of Les Nessman's best broadcasts ever, then you can skip to 1:07, but I think the beginning adds to the fun by showing just how he was the Rodney Dangerfield of broadcasting, lol.

Looking for marijuana plants.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
2 weeks ago

They've discovered a way to penetrate your tinfoil hats and are now reading all of your thoughts and implanting propaganda. You need to upgrade to my new and improved patented titanium beanies, only $999 each.

Walleyed Walleyed
2 weeks ago

Don't listen to walleyed that's a scam. It will just boost the signals.
/s just in case.

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