12/11 rt 78 closed


in case anyone is waiting for a loved one.

just coach just coach
Dec '19

right near jugtown mountain. hubby has been stopped for 1 hour so far.

just coach just coach
Dec '19


Perfect nightcap to another great day in commuter misery. I left the house for NYC extra early this morning. Leave at five They said. You’ll be fine. They said...Oh what’s this? 80 is a parking lot?Overturned tractor trailer near Wharton exit. I had to bail and take a train from Dover to make my call time!

The Hipster The Hipster
Dec '19

Something going on eastbound 78. Backed up 15+ miles at Clinton. Maybe another one of those professional truck drivers.

Philliesman Philliesman
Dec '19

Truck fire near exit 15. It took me an hour to get from Oxford to 78 with all the people taking the alternate routes.

Calico696 Calico696
Dec '19

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Re: 12/11 rt 78 closed
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