Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Looked at showtimes at AMC Rockaway next week for opening weekend... Not one sold out show the first 3 days. The backlash over The Last Jedi is real. I'm not even sure I want to go see it in theaters until I hear the word of mouth is positive. Based on rumors I've followed it isn't looking good. I saw The Force Awakens 4 times in the theater and Rogue One twice. Star Wars is usually the one property I'll go see a movie multiple times. The Last Jedi I saw once in the theater. I walked out extremely pissed off. I pirated it for my second viewing... It got worse. I watched it for the third and final time on Netflix and laughed at times at how bad the writing was.

So now confirmed by all the trailers for Rise of Skywalker, we have Kylo Ren with his helmet repaired LOL... Somehow the Emperor/Darth Sidious is alive after being chucked down a shaft by Vader on Death Star 2 and exploding LOL.... Horses are riding on top of a Star Destroyer in what looks like space LOL.... and I won't go into the rumors but most of them are god awful. Some of them are confirmed in the trailers. It's pretty obvious Disney had no initial outline plotting out what the general story would be. I also don't know how they can call this the Skywalker saga when it's probably safe to say at this point that Rey isn't a Skywalker. The purported rumor of the ending sounds dreadful. I hope none of it is true and that JJ Abrams can fix the mess Rian Johnson left us with, but I doubt it'll happen....

Plus I think Disney has abandoned the Netflix versions, as well as the Indiana Jones series. Have not been available since the Disney streaming channel opened.

What was free with Netflix is now only pay from Disney.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
December 11th

In my opinion, SW jumped the shark with The Force Awakens. This new trilogy is way too SJW for me. I'm out.

I think it went full blown SJW in Last Jedi. I think the only issue I had with TFA is that Rey was too quick of a learner and being able to defeat Kylo Ren in a lightsaber duel was moronic. Heaven forbid a girl has struggle's like a boy...

I like the Mandalorian so far. Jon Favreau has a clue at least.

Don't plan on going to see it unless it's on 6 buck Tuesday to check out the new Mansfield Cinepolis or the new redone laser projection with recliner seats AMC IMAX theater. I recommend The Mandalorian on Disney + which is a western in space without all the crap that ruins the newer movies . watched the Last Jedi, hated it, then proceeded to watch it two more times?

" watched the Last Jedi, hated it, then proceeded to watch it two more times?"


Local chef
December 11th

Had to be sure I wasn't missing something. Nope. It just sucks really bad.... LOL...

I agree about the new movies. Hopefully the next trilogy in 4 years will be good and the spin offs coming out. Mandalorian is great.

If this movie makes under a billion it might be longer than 4 years.... I just read an updated summary of the supposed plot on reddit. It may be lucky to make back it's money. Lucasfilm under Kathleen Kennedy is a disaster with her identity politics and SJW nonsense. Bob Iger needs to fire her. And if he doesn't then she must have dirt on him.

I don't understand Hollywood... when are they going to learn that we don't want their BS politics inserted into movies. I mean look at what they did in the latest Terminator movie... They killed off John Connor and replaced him with a Mexican chick that gets chased around by a Terminator dressed up as a border patrol agent... WTF... No wonder the movie bombed. They destroy characters we love and replace them with crap.

Imagine seeing a two fantasy movies, one about people from space with magic powers fighting with laser swords and another about a time traveling robot from the future and all you can think is, "Ugh, SJW!" lmao ok boomers.

Reasonable Reasonable
December 11th

Just an artistic debate of any Starwars seems humorous.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 11th

Yea they totally took established Cannon and junked it to make money off the sjw angle. Not saying it's not a good thing to have female leads and such just doing ruin a franchise to make a quick buck for it. Now if I could get a dash rendar film I'd be happy. That's never going to happen though.

The problem is the Last Jedi made $800 million less than TFA. So their SJW angle cost them money and it'll cost them again with this new movie unless it goes back to the lore we are used to. Rian Johnson clearly had no clue what good Star Wars is. How do you take Luke Skywalker's character who was full of hope, saw good in Vader, and loved his friends to a guy who suddenly decided to stand over his sleeping nephew with a lightsaber drawn because he saw a potential future of him becoming dark.... wouldn't he be less inclined to kill Ben since he watched him grow since birth... There was insufficient build up to push Luke to this point. Then instead of fixing the situation of pissing off his nephew and pushing him to the darkness, he decides to let billions of people die along with his best friend... It's just idiotic writing.

Speaking of obi looking forward to that show too.

Not sure what you can do with that show. He's hiding on Tatooine... If he's roaming around the galaxy in the show it would make no sense.

Thought it was his early years for obi.

I don't think the way Luke was written was true to his character, but I can see why Luke would be dismayed and lose hope and why they'd choose to write it this way.

He fought and destroyed the empire, redeemed his father ever so slightly at the last moment (After maiming him nonetheless) and watched as people died as the First Order rose from the ashes of the empire and as both the new republic and the people sit mostly idly by. He saw the potential for Ben to cause massive devastation, and thought for a brief moment he could prevent it, but by taking an action - even one not carried though - to stop it, he wound up causing it.

It's the same paradox that brought Anakin to the dark side. Also, the jedi masters predict the chosen one will bring balance to the force - assuming it will destroy the sith, but by finding the chosen one actually destroys the jedi, bringing both near extinction bringing true balance to force.

It's commonly called Anakin’s Paradox, or casual loop.

One of the main motifs of star wars is that everything happens in cycles (could be expressed as history is doomed to repeat itself).

The republic is replaced by the empire, which dies and is replaced by the new republic, which is in turn replaced by the First Order.
Anakinloses his right arm, then removes Luke's right hand, and then Luke removals Anakin's
mechanical hand.

Disney needs to greenlight a Darth Revan series. That would open up a whole new era in Star Wars.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
December 11th

That isn’t what balance is. Balance according to George Lucas was destroying the Sith. The dark side was a twisted version of the force. Anakin fulfilled the prophecy when he chucked the Emperor to his death. Now it appears balance was never achieved since the latter is still alive. Disney has totally screwed this story up. Now their Disney princess jedi will probably do it and make Anakin and Luke’s story arcs pointless. Luke passes his final test and becomes a Jedi when he refuses to do the Emperors bidding and kill his father. But fast forward several years when he’s older and wiser and he almost convinced himself to kill Ben... Did Rian Johnson even watch Episodes 1-6... Or even 7... JJ set up Luke to have a purpose in going to the first Jedi temple. Luke going there to shut himself off from the force yet still wear Jedi robes was idiotic and shows there was no overall plan.

I love Star Wars, since I was 8 and saw A New Hope 13 times. I quite enjoy the new trilogy, as well as Rouge One and Solo. Episodes 1 & 2 are the only ones that bug me.

Regardless, it's still SO much better than most movies (and tv) out there currently, I'll happily enjoy more Star Wars... because I like to enjoy things, rather than bitch about how the writers didn't do what *I* would have done, lol.

It's amazing how complaining about EVERYTHING has become the new "societal identity"... politics, movies, local restaurants, you name it....

HL Cantina: where our friends don't like anything, and we don't like anything either.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 11th

BTW, any of you who think you know what Lucas was thinking with the whole Light/Dark side stuff... unless you're pretty familiar with Taoism/Zen/Buddhism, you actually don't understand what Lucas was getting at (it's a direct take from the ying/yang, the nature of the universe). You can't have one without the other. Not for long. Because that's not how the universe works.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 11th

Lucas explained what balance of the force was in commentary with the prequels. I don't need to guess what he was trying to do. The jedi even explained that balance was destroying the sith in the movies. Sure Anakin fell and ultimately helped destroy the jedi order, but he fulfilled the prophecy in the end by defeating the Emperor. Now they have some explaining to do as to why Darth Sidious is still alive. The sequels are full of disjointed story telling. JR IDK how you can have a problem with 1 & 2 and yet love the Last Jedi. That's a head scratcher. There's so many things wrong with that movie it's ridiculous. It's not about what I would have done, it's about honoring what came before. Rian Johnson took a massive dump on everything that came before and tried to remake SW and he failed miserably. That and Kathleen Kennedy and her "The force is female" T-shirt pretty much showed she only cared about being woke with these movies. People waited over 30 years to see Jedi master Luke Skywalker only to see his character butchered so they could promote a Mary Sue character in Rey that needs no training and is just good at everything. What a joke....

"JR IDK how you can have a problem with 1 & 2 and yet love the Last Jedi. "

Firstly, I said I "enjoyed" it... I "loved" 4-6.... I was 8-13 years old back then. Secondly, because it was a good movie. Not perfect- nothing has been perfect since A New Hope. But that's ok. Trump isn't perfect either, but I am enjoying him being president ;)

What the "head scratcher" is to me is, how all these SW fans who love the canon can have SO MUCH problem with the new ones... to the point where they can draw a differentiation such as 4-6 were "great" yet 7-9 "suck." That's just silly.

But, this same thing happened when 1-3 came out... people just like to complain. 1-3 was NEVER going to be good enough, no matter what they did. And now, the same thing is happening with 7-9. Because in today's society, Nothing. Is ever. Good enough. It's sad, really.

I hated 1. I never need to see that movie again.
2 was ok. I love the young Kenobi, and 2 is good for, if nothing else, establishing the path that turned Anakin into Vader, and the Chancellor into Palpatine.
I think 3 was a very important one, because it showed exactly why and how Anakin became Vader.

4 is the archetype of course.
5 was ok. Even at the time, tho I loved it, it wasn't 4. But I didn't walk around bitching about how "they got it wrong" lol
6 was better than 5, if for no other reason than the battle was "won"... not only by Luke over Vader, but even Vader's heart finally changed, before his well-deserved death. Perfect.

The only real "problems" I had with 7 & 8 were Luke turning into a grumpy old unlikable man, and Leia's amazing use of the force all of a sudden. But I won't let those ruin my enjoyment of THE STORY. And the overall STORY is really what we're all here for.

And I think Rey is the best thing to happen to the canon since Luke. And frankly, she might even be BETTER than Luke.

Again- what I don't understand is today's people's ...almost DESIRE.... to complain about everything. As if, complaining is the only thing that makes them feel whole, or smarter than the average bear, or something. Like if they aren't complaining then they aren't "woke". It's very sad.

SW is one of the greatest stories ever told. Enjoy it. Or don't. But the only one you're hurting is yourself. I mean- come on- it's not like they did with SW what they did with The Dark Tower (now THAT was a disaster!)

As for your understanding of Lucas' vision, I'll just say I think you're reading YOUR interpretation into his. Getting rid of all evil is NOT balance. Evil always exists. It's a constant battle. The pendulum swings from one side to the other, with perfect "balance" in the middle being maintained for only a short while. Utopia was never Lucas' vision of "balance"... just that evil had far too much weight at the time, and THAT had to be balanced with good. But, as you've seen on ALL the movies- Evil. Always. Survives. Always. THAT is the story- that the fight against evil is, has always been, and will always be, a never-ending battle. THAT is the balance being maintained. (that also comes out of Taoism, which Lucas used heavily in his formation of "the force" and everything surrounding it).

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 12th

I was going to go down the “what a bunch of nerds” path until I remembered watching The Wrath Of Khan hosted by Bill Shatner with three floors of like citizens at NJPAC all screaming all the lines. Three floors of “KHAAAN!!” However, Shatner put it all in perspective with silly anecdotes making us feel silly too. Quite fun.

And that’s Star Wars to me. Quite fun. Don’t like one more than another. Appreciate Disney growing the franchise. Think Lucas is full of himself, hated waiting years for his “art” which is nothing more than a Saturday matinee Western put in space. Black hats, white hats, nothing more.

At least we don’t have a disruption in the time continuum forcing two parallel story lines. At least they have not trekked there ;-)

Nope, just keep cranking them out Disney. I will check my brain at the door, be thoroughly entertained, and forget most within a week or so.....

+1 JR, now that’s science fiction!!!!

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 12th

I will be at the first showing in town looking forward to it, happy this story line is ending. It has been a huge part of my life since 1977 and I am Looking forward to all the new stuff steaming.

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
December 12th

Dude, Anakin is the chosen one. The prophecy says the chosen one is to bring balance to the force by destroying the sith. That is the canon. Lucas is on video stating that Anakin balanced the force when he killed the Emperor.

The sequel trilogy is just a cash grab. They didn't have a story to tell and it's pretty obvious. They threw out George Lucas story treatments when Disney bought Lucasfilm. TFA was a solid entry. Rian Johnson threw out JJ's story treatments for 8 & 9. Gee I wonder why SW sucks now. Mr Indy director is obviously a narcissist and thought he could do better than 2 guys with a good track record for telling stories. He made us the worst SW ever.

I'm just happy to have the complete uncut Trilogy on Blu Ray. No stupid Lucas edits, or fuddling with the soundtrack etc. Han shoots first. Lucas ruined Star Wars before Disney put the final nail in the franchise.

Bottom line is they're looking to pull a whole new generation into the Disney universe. They could care less about the generation who put these films where they are.

Sorry you can no longer enjoy the story, Mets. I gladly will. Merry Christmas.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 12th

JR I expect lightsaber duels and good space battles something Last Jedi didn't have along with the garbage story that was told. Maybe you're just one of those people that doesn't care about quality or sticking to a formula, but I have certain expectations.

Metsman: "A prophesy that misread could have been.".

I have a feeling we all know what you're real problems with this trilogy are. My spidy sense is getting a serious dark side vibe from you.

JR is right (Wow) balance isn't just balance at a time, but the balance of a dark time with a light time. It does go back to cycles. The balance had favored the light side for a while, and now the galaxy was in for bad times.

7,8,9 were part of Lucas's original intention. Now the stories told in 7,8,9, may not be. It was always meant to be a 9 part saga.

4,5,6 were hardly perfect. It's clear Lucas didn't imagine Luke and Leia being twins from day one. Did he make mistakes and have some bad idea, oh yeah, but we shouldn't limit those to the prequels or edits.

I'm not sure what to expect here. I have a sneaking suspicion we'll learn more about the force in general, much like the last episodes of clone wars. I hope they explain everything, but I know they'll leave a lot of it for the books, the comics and probably another cartoon or two.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
December 12th

May the farce be with you.......

If you are thinking deep thoughts about this or listening to what Lucas thinks about it. It’s fluff, just sit back and enjoy.

Just remember; in all of this cgi-supported fantasy —- Stan Lee rules!!!

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 12th

The only reason Yoda said that in Revenge of the Sith was because they didn't trust Anakin because of the way he was acting. Mace Windu flat out said he didn't trust him. Come on, you can't use that as anything other than that. Balance is when the sith are destroyed period. Sure there could be future dark side users that throw things out of balance again, but balance is only when the force isn't being corrupted by the dark side.

Ok I'll stop you right there... No it isn't because it's a girl jedi. I liked TFA. The problem is Rian Johnson is an incompetent POS that can't write for crap. Secondly when your boss is walking around with a "The Force is Female" t-shirt you know she's all about over diversifying everything. Holdo and Rose were examples of that. Easily the two worst characters in the saga. They make Jar Jar look like an ingenious character. Making Rey a Mary Sue is another example. Sorry but slow speed space chases and casino plots are awful plots to use for an entire movie. Where were the Knights of Ren? Where were the lightsaber duels? Where were the cool battles? We got none of that in favor of garbage.

The Force Awakens was nothing more than a re-hash of the plot of episode 4 to hook a whole new generation of fans.

Okay, Boomer.

Rey has flaws. TLJ shows it. She goes to the dark side the second it pulls her. She's naive and raw. I suspect Rise of Skywalker will explain her strong force abilities. My prediction is she'll either be a Skywalker somehow, or she'll be a creation of the force, much like Anakin was. She's not a mary sue, though.. And repeating your argument about a t-shirt shows your bias.
Just head to the dark side. They have milk and cookies.

TLJ had a great battle in the first minutes. They even managed to make it funny. General HUGS is cheesy, but funny. It was also ery much WWII inspired, which is a nod to the originals - Lucas wanted dogfights in space.

TLJ also very much mirrors Empire - the good guys get chased out of their base, under heavy fire and has to try to regroup. The main Jedi goes to an old master for training in a long forgotten place, and is introduced to the dark side directly. Rey's visit to the mirror cave is just like Luke's beating Vader in the swamp and seeing his own face.

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Nothing is worse than Jar Jar.

Let me offer some advice: Keep and open mind. I suspect the totality of these will surpass any individual film in the trilogy. I think that will stand for all three trilogies. I hope you enjoy it as billions of others will.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
December 12th

Star Wars sucks.

Star Trek rules.



And honestly the 'new' (now a decade old) Star Treks are much better in pretty much every way. Yah the last one wasn't as enjoyable as the first 2- but when is the 4th?

In the mean time- the Orville on TV is a worthy time killer...

She suffered like one scratch in two movies. Anakin lost an arm and Luke lost a hand and got beat up by objects thrown at him. She didn't struggle at all using the force like Luke did. She didn't lose it and slaughter a tribe of tusken raiders like Anakin did. She's a Mary Sue. Doesn't matter what her identity is. They didn't properly build her character up. Instead they showed us a version of Luke who never really learned from his trials. Yeah great storytelling let me tell you.....

Are you kidding me with the opening battle? Poe taking out all the cannons on a Star Destroyer single handedly?! Yea ok... And then the your momma joke is funny to you? LOL... Then we have the slowest ships in SW history dropping bombs in the vaccum of space.... Then the First Order decided a few Tie Fighters wasn't worth losing to take out the Resistance ships when each Star Destroyer probably contained thousands of TIEs.... LOL.... Cringeworthy at best....

TLJ is a crappy copy of Empire. It'll never be as good as that movie still is 40 years from now.

I'm not saying I won't like the new one, I generally like JJ Abrams movies, but he's got a lot to do to fix what Rian Johnson messed up.

Ah, more waxing poetic about how everyone else effed it up... to bad Mets wasn't writing the new ones, huh?

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 12th

SWDS - Star Wars Derangement Syndrome. Mets has it. Unless you're hating, you're WRONG!! LOL

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 12th

Why cuz I hate ONE movie... LOL... Rian Johnson had no business touching a SW movie.

I cannot believe the in depth analyzation of a movie made for entertainment. It's a movie. Sit in the dark, let your mind go, enjoy the sights and sounds, gobble the popcorn, slurp your drink, and watch whatever action unfolds. I don't care about the politics of whoever made the film. I don't look for innuendos in character speeches or delve deeply into character traits. I go to be entertained. Was I entertained? If yes then the movie was a success in my eyes. That may make me strange but I am willing to bet my movie experiences are more fun than yours. I have seen every Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel characters movie. I have enjoyed them all without the baggage and all these expectations some people bring to the film. Sometimes I think people overthink the whole idea of entertainment.

I have to agree with Mets here. Johnson was BAD for Star Wars. And the new movies are a re-hash of the older ones, with an effort to fix what was screwed up. I like the Rey character just really bad writing and character development. Then again these movies are made for an ADHD audience with not tolerance for plot and development. Just show me the strobe effects and fast cutting.

MK that's because you're a casual movie goer. Star Wars is an iconic storyline. But even if I was casual about SW I'd still hate Last Jedi because it was boring.

“I don't care about the politics of whoever made the film.”

Just because you don’t see it (or care) doesn’t mean the producers/directors/etc. didn’t put them in there. Some people do notice and/or care how that adds or detracts from the story or previously developed characters. Your way to watch movies is no more right/wrong from their way of watching movies.

Some movies lean one way or the other, some movies “work” on both levels, and sometimes sequels deviate from what made earlier episodes enjoyable to a particular audience.

To bring “balance” that woman’s TShirt should say “The Force is Male AND Female”. ;)

I actually enjoyed The Force Awakens, but I agree with everything Metsman said about The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson totally destroyed the story arc. I really hope the final film repairs some of the damage.

"And honestly the 'new' (now a decade old) Star Treks are much better in pretty much every way. Yah the last one wasn't as enjoyable as the first 2- but when is the 4th?"

Josh there are 6 Star Trek series not counting the animated series .

And on their way to CBS All Access is Picard and a spin off of Michelle Yeoh's Discovery character . Discovery is pretty good with season one featuring a young Harry Mudd and the mirror universe , season 2 has Captain Pike and Spock . My favorite episode is season two's If Memory Serves which cleverly revisits the original series pilot .Warren County library has both seasons of Star Trek Discovery on dvd .

"just because I hate ONE movie"

Really? Because it sounds to me like your overall message is "the SW canon has been completely trashed and it's not worth watching anymore, and if you don't see that you must be stupid". LOL

I still don't see how anyone could hate TLJ and think episode 1 was good.

Now... if you REALLY hate ONLY TLJ, great. Hopefully you won't hate the final installment.

As for "duels", I personally thought the duel between Kylo Ren and Luke was brilliant.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 12th

Big ST fan here. Love the original, love TNG, then all the other TV shows were just ok, in the end. The new movies with Chris Pine are very good, imo.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 12th

Whoops it just occurred to me Josh was talking about the Trek films . Pine and Quinto didn't sign on for a 4th for so I guess they're in limbo .The upcoming Picard series looks pretty good though .

Yah 97XBAM- we are talking about movies. :)

Oh yeah!!! I forgot about the Picard series! Looking forward to that!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 12th

I need a few more beers to find deep meaning in either Star Trek or Wars movies. Enjoy them all, think about them rarely. Look for deeper meaning : never. For that, you need Guardians of the Galaxy; the thinking man's Sci Fi.

Or the best space movie ever: Dark Star.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 12th

JR Ep1 was a mediocre movie with some bad parts in it and an awesome final lightsaber duel and battles. The overall story was fine just some areas where execution was not done well. Anakin should have been a little older. Jake Lloyd was annoying. I would still watch that movie over Last Jedi. Rian Johnson just made too many dumb decisions. There's a video out there where he said the perfect movie for him is one that divides the audience. He got his wish with Last Jedi. And some of his dumb decisions felt like he did it on purpose just to piss people off. He isn't a Star Wars fan.

Another great space flick: Serenity.

Come on Whedon, give us another before Fillian ages out.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 12th

Leaks. Don't click if you want to watch unspoiled. Sounds like trash.

And he hit the head on the nail here

Jar jar was the worst until you look up the fan theory that he was a sith Lord. Completely wrong but fun and interesting to read.

Jar jar just shows how Star Wars has been pandering to stereotypes from the very beginning. This current tip of the hat is not much different to many of the characters in the series. I do like the films, all of them, but don’t look for deep meaning from them. Now, Dark Star, that’s deep. A multi year mission to destroy planets and a meteor has taken out the ship’s toilet paper supply and put the captain in That’s deep.

“Just find me a planet without intelligence that I can blow up.”

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 13th

Stranger: you gotta include Firefly and Serenity.

The Mandalorian seems to have a lot of firefly-esq vibes about it.

Also, Stranger, what about space balls, the last line when the planet of the apes monkeys see the spaceballs ship: Spaceballs?! Oh sh....there goes the planet!

alpha1beta alpha1beta
December 13th

Tell you the truth, anything with spaceships and lasers and I am usually all in.

Firefly, pretty good. Serenity - movie perfection and more if you Fireflied before. One of the few collections I own.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 13th

You want spaceships and lasers, Rogue One probably had the best space battle of any Star Wars movie. And then Vader appearing at the end was amazing. Not sure what happened after that movie. TFA and RO started off this run of Disney SW very well and then came the guy who says he didn't like Empire to direct Last Jedi... That should have disqualified him right off the bat...

The reviews are out. 93 critic reviews are on Rotten Tomatoes and the movie is at 59%. That must mean the fans will love it.

Rouge One was excellent. I got goose bumps seeing Peter Cushing again. I've read two reviews and as I suspected no rush to see it in the theater. Pure Disney garbage.

Just saw it ... and it was pretty good ... much better then the other 2 ... If you are a fan of the movies and stories you wont be disappointed ...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
December 19th

I heard it's a big middle finger to Rian Johnson and more of a sequel to the Force Awakens. So basically two morons let their egos ruin what could have been a great trilogy. Was a big mistake not having one person in creative control. George Lucas didn't even go to the premiere.

I may go see it this weekend or some time next week while I am off. I'm not in any rush to see it. That is sad because I was always someone who would go opening night the last 20 years to Star Wars movies. Hopefully Kathleen Kennedy gets fired and they bring someone competent in for future Star Wars projects.

Metsman - you will be kicking your self - go see it - it was good - I was not disappointed at all with the finished film and most of rumors and plots points that I had read were wrong ... so at the end of film I was pleasantly surprised ...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
December 20th

That's interesting considering all the youtubers are saying the leaks are all true.

I saw it last night and was satisfied with how he concluded the 9-film series. I think he redeemed it from Episode 8 as well as anyone could have. The only other thing I'll say, without spoilers, is that there was so much to fix, it may have been better to stretch it to a two-part finale.

So... is it worth it to see, and how long is it?

I saw it this morning. It was a really fun movie and you could clearly see JJ was trying to fix the damage from The Last Dumpster Fire. That being said the narrative of this trilogy is a total mess. JJ does away with the kill the past and everyone can be a jedi crap. You get some good lightsaber action, jedi leaps, and battles. These three movies clearly had no plan or basic outline which is what makes this the worst SW trilogy. It felt like 2 movies in one which is a shame because if JJ did all 3 movies we'd probably be saying how great this trilogy is.

I thought they did a very good job, it ended as it should have... it was just. There were some awesome moments, worthy of the original Lucas trilogy (ep. 4-6)

I won't be nitpicky about details like so many love to do these days.... I just enjoy a story well-told, with character redemption and lessons learned.

That being said, because they DID have to tie up a lot of loose ends, certain things seemed a bit... "too easy". However I still think it's heads and tails better than ep. 1-3.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 24th

Wait.....u went out to see Star Wars.....not at an imax?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 24th

JR are you kidding me it's not about nitpicking it's about making a narrative that is cohesive which the sequel trilogy failed at. Episodes 1-6 were cohesive. JJ spent a lot of Rise of Skywalker undoing Rian Johnson's nonsense narrative. So basically you have two good pieces of bread with Ep 7 & 9 but the meat of the sandwich in Ep 8 is dog crap. Doesn't matter how good Ep 7 & 9 are its still a dog crap sandwich. I have no reason to watch Ep 8 ever again nor do I even want to. I wish JJ did all 3... Rian Johnson is an incompetent little troll....

Just saw it for the second time. Really enjoyed it again and picked up on a few items and dialogue that I missed while trying to take the details of the set. Went the the noon showing and it was full in town which is a good sign that positive reviews are out weighing the negative reviews on some YouTube channels ... good movie ... love the new remodeled theater ... hope they don’t close down as ledgwwood theater did... please see this movie and if possible in town ... we always try to support locally when decent ...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
3 weeks ago

Too bad as a trilogy the story is bad. Ben Solo's turn to the dark side was stupid. What was Palpatine using to lure him over.... Ok so he hears voices from Palps, but he basically corrupted for no reason. There was no emotional stakes like Anakin's turn. Anakin feared losing Padme and his unborn child. Luke almost turned because Palps tried to use his sister and friends as pawns. And if they were trying to explain that Palps used Luke's fear to turn Ben to the dark side, it wasn't done very well. George Lucas never would have had Luke stand over his sleeping nephew with a lightsaber drawn. I came out of The Force Awakens excited for the next one. I expected to see Kylo with the Knights of Ren, I expected Luke to have had a real purpose for going to the first Jedi temple, I expected to see Rey train for real, I expected Snoke to be some kind of massive threat since this was supposed to be the 3rd act of the saga, and I expected to learn more about why Ben Solo turned to the dark side and his relationship with his parents. Instead Rian Johnson wasted the middle movie to show us that massive space cruisers have the worst gas mileage anyone has ever seen, a lame casino plot, turns Luke into a green milk drinking bum, and no character development of the new characters. Where's the cliff hanger? The end of Last Jedi felt like an ending. Attack of the Clones ends with the beginning of the Clone Wars and Empire ends with the Rebels regrouping and planning to rescue Han. Rian Johnson should stick to his junk Indy movies. He has no clue how to make a satisfying SW movie. If he is still green lit to make more, I won't be watching it.

Wow Mets, you got stamina......your SW tomes are SD sized.

Saw it and would score it at the exact same level as the rest. PFE. Pure fff entertainment.

Any time you can raise a x-wing from the ocean floor after a few decades and it starts right up, you know you gots movie magic. Don’t have to get deeper than that.

Boy, Rose got shorted as a character

Theater was very, very nice.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

SD and that's the funny thing about Luke raising the X-Wing. Although it wasn't there decades, maybe a few years. Why didn't he do that in the previous movie. LOL.... Instead he projects himself to Crait and it kills him.... That was a direct hit at Rian Johnson and his poor choices. Same with Luke catching the lightsaber when Rey threw it towards the fiery wreck. There's lots of moments that take digs at Johnson. Another thing I thought about was the fact that it was said in this new one that Luke was looking for Exogul but never found it. So that tells me that is probably the REAL reason he went to the First Jedi temple, to find the dark power out there. It wasn't the nonsense that Rian Johnson gave us. I absolutely don't think Snoke was meant to be killed or be some lab creation. He was meant to be a more fearsome power beyond the known galaxy. Perhaps Darth Plageus since he had injuries that maybe were inflicted by his old apprentice Darth Sidious. Because he was beyond the known galaxy the issue of balance didn't apply to him until he made his presence known again. So yea when it comes to SW I make SD rants. I don't like properties that I have loved for decades pissed all over on by some SJW Indy Director that can't even write at a 10 year old's level. He has no clue what SW is.

Rose was an awful character. I'm glad she was pushed to the side.

Writing? You think there's writing going on there? It's a Space Opera.....that's all.

I just can't look as deep as you do; I don't think there's much there except your imagination. Figured the x-wing sat there for most of Ren's I said, I don't think too much at these films.

I mean if you want to gripe, why not start with why did Lucas wait so long between episodes? For his art? Bogus --- it's a Space Opera.... Why did he return in the 90's after all those years using the same technology as everyone else after ILM had revolutionized special effects in the first trilogy? Dark screen cgi, how cheep. Worse yet, the cgi edits of the earlier versions. Hans fires first, get over it. His technology is like Borg returning to tennis with his wooden racket.

I appreciate Disney taking over, cranking them out, and treating it like it should be: a Space Opera commodity property. Or put it this way. JR was right --- local theater great --- don't need HUGE Imax screen for this one.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

There absolutely is writing that go into these. It's not a Michael Bay transformers movie. The new trilogy is a mess. You can complain all you want about the prequels. Characters weren't destroyed and they enhanced the older movies. With those movies you realize Darth Vader was just a tragic character who had good intentions and fell to his inner demons. But in the end he was redeemed and fulfilled his destiny. This new trilogy is pointless.

"With those movies you realize Darth Vader was just a tragic character who had good intentions and fell to his inner demons. But in the end he was redeemed and fulfilled his destiny."

Which is also the story of Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, redeeming himself and fulfilling his destiny by giving his life so Rey (the light side) could go on.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
2 weeks ago

Yeah, that's why he won all those Best Original Screenplay awards...…yes, there are words on paper. Memorable.....not likely. "I am your Father Luke," heavy. I've got a bad feeling about this..... Do, or do not, there is no try..... yeah, heavy writing.

Space Opera, only hack writing here. Think "The Guiding LIght…" Or pablum, pap, whatever.

Sorry, I just can't see the "art" that you do whether in script, visual effects (post the first three), etc. Matter of fact, the visual and script redundancies are starting to wear.... In Space, star destroyers make low bass rumbling for me but just not deep for me; glad they are for you. I can't even see the "deepness" that you describe when you describe it. My eyes glaze over. It's just entertainment for me; pure fluff, or pff (pure ? fantasy). I just sit back, enjoy, can't remember any history and can't remember it at all a few hours later. But it makes me happy.

Glad you enjoy em. Keep those reviews coming.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

JR yes I get that but his full story wasn't fleshed out because Rian Johnson thought Porgs and Droids spitting out coins at bad guys was a better way to spend screen time.... This was a huge missed opportunity to make something great.

StrangerDanger I think this is a guys equivalent to Dowtown Abbey I personally saw the first 3 Star Wars movies decades ago and quit.

2 weeks ago

You're not alone, Metsman. I feel pretty much the same way as you. As far as The Rise of Skywalker goes, I think Abrams did the best he could to continue what he started with The Force Awakens, with the restrictions on the story due to The Last Jedi.

Sorry if this is wrong place for this, but I would like to go see this movie but I have a question about getting a ticket. Can I get my ticket at the theater? I don't have a smart phone or any device to use to show that I bought a ticket on-line. I would need to get a ticket there and I would like to pay cash. Is that possible? This is all new to me. I'm from a different time, not familiar with this new-fangled procedure, lol.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
2 weeks ago

Yes. Believe it or not, you can still buy a ticket at the theater and you can pay with cash. My husband and I don't have smart phones either and went to the movies not that long ago.

Calico696 Calico696
2 weeks ago

Thanks Calico

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
2 weeks ago

JR, I saw this story and thought of you, given your high regard of Episode 4 and love of music...

Or try NJPAC.

Return of the Jedi: 2/8
The Force Awakens: 4/18
Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows Part 1: 5/30
Music from Films of Time Burton: 6/20

The Force Awakens could be really cool. Anyone want a box? I know the best one!

They also have Princess Bride with Cary Ewes, no concert. I say Wrath of Kahn with Shatner and while he is really pretty stupid, it was a marvelous stupid that I would love to see again. Some of the stories are just hilarious, as is his delivery. Seeing the movie, big screen, with everyone yelling out the important lines at the critical times, team laughter, cheers, boos and the like ------> what a great night.

What's the PPL like, picture looks like it's new.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 weeks ago


I played the soundtrack (John Williams) all the time!! I also owned the disco version, "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk"

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
2 weeks ago

Opened in 2014, I think... pretty nice place. Seats about 8,500 for hockey, slightly more for concerts.

Haven't gotten there for minor league hockey or a concert yet, but I took my daughter to see Frozen on Ice there back in 2018. Should be breaking my PPL concert cherry in a couple weeks when Korn opens their tour with Breaking Benjamin there.

A lot of bands choose to open their tours there from what I've read to "work out the kinks" before doing shows in NY or Philly, which seems somewhat insulting on some level, lol.

I work right next to the PPL Center. I have a presale code for the Star Wars concert thing, if anyone wants to buy tickets now, instead of waiting until 1/15.

We saw the ASO do a tribute to the 69 moon landing at the State theater in Easton. It was fun, they did various scifi tunes, Trek, Star Wars Etc ended with Rocketman. Will,look into the PPL center gig for sure

Hadenough Hadenough
2 weeks ago

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