favorite dentist and why, please

We are looking for a relatively local general dentist..............Thorough, careful, not x-ray crazy - someone you really trust...............

4catmom 4catmom
Dec '19

Dr Stephan Deehan. In office building behind Mama's. Friendly, thorough, personable.

Dr. Gary Vandervliet—- best dentist around—super friendly with a great staff to match!
Hastings Square

Ziggy Ziggy
Dec '19

Dr. De Paola, in Hackettstown -Schooley's Mountain Plaza.

My husband and I go there only... My husband had an extraction y/d and Dr. P called this morn and even asked us how he was doing and if he was OK!
What practitioners do that anymore? Wow :) Amazing.

He also bills FIRST and does not insist on pre-payment before getting into the chair (like some other dentists we have gone to and left as well).

Here is his listing-

Dr Mina Kim in Andover. She even did a light filling with no novicane..very steady hands lol

Dec '19

I posted this in an old thread and still remains true.

I see Dr. Glen Goldstein in Randolph, absolutely love him. Very thorough, caring, gentle, when you are in his chair it's all about you, doesn't overbook his patients and never keeps you waiting


JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Dec '19

Hackettstown family dental. Dr marzarella and dr cassano are both excellent. Great bedside manner and very quick to see you. Have never waited more than a few minutes for a cleaning or to see the dentist. I usually sit down and pick up a magazine and before I can even open it they’re ready for me.

Dec '19

+1 for Vandervliet. I didn't go to a dentist for 25 YEARS- literally- because I was traumatized as a child LOL. Gary Vandervliet made it not only OK, but NO PROBLEM to go back to the dentist again.... and I needed quite a bit of work... crowns, partial crowns, etc.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Dec '19

Another vote for Hackettstown Family Dental

Been going to DePaola for five years now. Doesn't do unnecessary work, is honest and realistic with his diagnosis. Easy, comfortable place to go. I really don't mind going to him and I used to dread the dentist.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
Dec '19

Another vote for H'town Family Dental. Was just there Thursday. No wait. Great cleaning. In & out in 30. Also going back in 2 weeks to have an old filling replaced...with no pain!

Alamuche Alamuche
Dec '19

Dentist the Menace !!

After having a the same dentist for 30 years, I was forced to find a new dentist due to my previous dentists' retirement. He was located fairly far from here also, so I wanted someone local, like Hackettstown local.

Reading the forum, several people mentioned that Dr. Deehan was a quality dentist. Being the type to wait for the typical dental emergency instead of setting up a replacement for my retired dentist as I should have done, I called Dr.Deehan's office and they understood my predicament and got me in the same day- this as a brand new patient off the street.

Dr. Deehan took care of my emergency issue, then sat with me and formulated a plan to fix the issue permanently. He took some time to get to know me as a new patient, and I appreciated that.

In the few other visits I have had since then, I will say he treated me well, has very good skill and I feel like I have found a really good new dentist that is local.

The office staff is pleasant and the dental assistants all have been nice to work with thus far.

I have no hesitation recommending him- it was previous good words on this forum that got me to him in the first place, and the advice and recommendation was spot on.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Dec '19

Dr VanderVliet, Advanced Dental care of West Morris, is by far the best in the area. Been going to him for years! Has actually saved me money over the years. (908) 852-8858.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
Dec '19

Dr. Deehan is the best!

Real1 Real1
Dec '19

Dr VanderVliet, Advanced Dental care of West Morris Is the best and he can make a crown as you wait simply he puts money into his business to benefit his customers ...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Dec '19

Howard Goodkin East Mill Road in Long Valley. Been going there for nearly 30 years. Very talented dentist and a kind and generous person. Staff is terrific too.

I've been going to Skylands Family Dental for 5 years or so, and really love them, kind of surprised to not see any recommendations for them.
Really great people and more than happy to work with you on any issue.

+1 for Hackettstown family dental. Dr. Theresa Cassano, Dr. Marzarella and Dr. Patterson are the best Dentists in this area. They are courteous and skilled in their profession and do not overcharge or recommend expensive procedures.

PS: I would not recommend Dr. Gary Vander Vliet. He performed an overpriced crown procedure that was unnecessary in the first place and took several office visits before he decided that it was just too complicated. I ended up paying out of my pocket for all the office visits since my insurance refused to pay.

Good Luck.

GodBlessAmerica GodBlessAmerica
Dec '19

Dr Ben Iuvone panther Valley been going there for 40 years he also has his son Anthony working with him as well great music great staff i literally can't wait
to get my semi annual clean and check up.

Dec '19

Curious if anyone has feedback on Dr. Cleve?

Flagman Flagman
Dec '19

I had a really bad experience with Dr. Cleave. I won't go into detail here, but you couldn't pay me to go back to him. The way he speaks to his staff is completely unacceptable and reason enough to never give him any business.

I agree with Dr. De Paola. I used to need gas just to get cleanings and then I had a dental emergency and he was able to fit me in and after that never went to anyone else. I no longer need gas for cleanings or dental work.

I’m the worst dental patient there is so I appreciate his patience. The worst!

I also like that he’s honest and I never need to second guess any of his recommendations. His office is laid back and I think that’s part of the reason I do ok there.

Nosila Nosila
Dec '19

+10 MB on Cleave, I wouldn't even take my dog to him. I go to Dr. Bialiy at Castle Family Dentistry in Washington. He's excellent and his work is thorough. His staff is awesome. He treats them wonderfully and he is so good and kind with his children patients. That's important to me on how a dentist handles children. If he's good to them he's good to baby adults. And I don't have kids. Check out his FB page and his google his reviews.

auntiel auntiel
Dec '19

We switched to Dr. Bialiy last year after going to the same dentist for 10 or so years. Dr. Bialiy immediately identified a gum issue I had that the previous dentist overlooked for years. We are very happy with him as well as his staff.

Calico696 Calico696
Dec '19

Basically a competent dentist and staff that don't behave like a new car dealer when you go in for service...

Dr Ben Iuvone and his son Dr Anthony Iuvone are fantastic. Backed by a great team in a very nice office. My family and I have gone there for over 25 years. Highly recommend them.

DDS Iuvone along with his son are very good. We too have been patients for over 30 years. If you have a problem they will have you come right in. Seems we never chip a tooth, crack a crown, or get a screaming tooth ache during standard business hours. Dr. Iuvone always made an effort to have us come right down to the office. This is devotion to his trade and patients that cannot be overstated. Office staff couldn't be nicer. They are in the Panther Valley Mall which is great for parking too.

USAfirst USAfirst
Dec '19

Dr. Iuvone for sure! Just came from there today. The entire staff is amazing and they work soooo well together. Great overall vibe just walking in the door.

Dec '19

+1 for Dr. Goodkin as well. Been going there for 7 years. The entire staff is great.

thomasnj thomasnj
Dec '19

+1 Dr Ben Iuvone and his son Dr Anthony Iuvone - Anthony scheduled me for an emergency dental visit on a Saturday! He and his team understood i was super nervous and terrified of dentists. They are very gentle and so very kind.

Htown Newbie Htown Newbie
Dec '19

Just looked at the website of Castle Family Dentistry. As with man dental offices, the hours are horrible if you work a typical M-F job. Only 2 days open until 7 and no Saturdays........
Does anybody know of a good dentist with hours that accommodate people that work? And are open Saturdays

worried worried
Dec '19

“ As with man dental offices...”

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Dec '19

That's a pretty clear typo where it should have said "many"

I have had great experiences with Dr. Skrapits! Friendly office staff, very professional, and I highly recommend him.

Did not, personally, have a good experience with Skylands.

somechick1 somechick1
Dec '19

Iuvone family have sat hours, usually closed on fridays. They have been known to open the office if it is an emergency

exphysics teacher
Dec '19

Dr. Vandervliet is the best. He has a patience of Jobe, explains and cares. I had a root canal and new tooth made in no time flat. Highly recommended.

Also had a really bad experience with doctor Cleve.. Unbelievable!

Sandy Sandy
Dec '19

Nils Bryant in Flanders - he has laughing gas

Hands down Dr. Deehan. Great man, very nice staff and dental assistants and he does have Saturday hours.

Dec '19

thanks Resident08!

worried worried
Dec '19

Dr. Derosso in Washington has always been great!

Queeny Queeny
Dec '19

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